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03-01-2012, 16:16
Kerinci is known as the natural beauty and coolness that has tremendous.
Enchantment of tourist objects Khayangan Hill is one of the major tourist attractions in the Sungaipenuh city. Gunung Raya is located in clusters adjacent to Kerinci Seblat National Park (TNKS). Precisely at the Village Community Development Work. It reached an altitude hill 2000 meters above sea level with temperatures around 20 degrees celcius.

To visit the tourist attraction that travelers should entering the Sungaipenuh city first. From Sungaipenuh, hills can be seen clearly. With driving a vehicle with four wheels or two wheels, the travelers must pass through the winding roads. The time needed from Bukit Khayangan to Sungaipenuh city is about 35 minutes.

While at the Mount Khayangan, visitors will feel the coolness. More over, a thin mist covered the whole top of the hill. Created the impression as if it were in khayangan (Heaven).

When the fog began swept by the wind, the beauty of the valley below clear to see. Travelers can view the magnificent scenery from the heights of Kerinci. Lake Kerinci and expanse plots rice fields and the yellowing rice plants, scattered residential villages, and rows of Barisan hill, can be enjoyed from that place.

The coolness air is making the travelers to more ease to linger there. Not only that, in the north, the valley lies to verdant bamboo trees and winding roads of the foothills. The created panorama object is a fantastic panoramic view.
Condition to the Mount Khayangan was asphalt and wide enough. The facilities at the tourist attraction that was quite adequate. There’s cement path with a number of steps. The atmosphere is beautiful with many tall trees and shade. The air very cool and far away from pollution.

Beside That, at a tourist attraction, had built a permanent cabin intended for leisure travelers enjoy the natural scenery of Kerinci. Object of this one is often visited tourist travelers. Both from within and outside the country.

Source: jambitourism.co.id