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03-01-2012, 15:52
THIS museum has been officially open for public since June 6,1988 with 13.350 square meters in width and was built in 1981 above the 4.000 square meters land.
The physical appearance of the museum implies the Kajang Lako architecture, typical of Jambi Province’s traditional architecture. Numerous historical and cultural collections of Jambi Province are kept well inside the museum. And then, those collections are divided into some categories such as biology, geology, archaeology, ethnography, and numismatology.

At least there are 2.855 historical and cultural collections that are kept well inside the state museum of Jambi Province. Five of them , two golden statues of Avolokiteswara, heptagonal golden medal made of Turkey, golden belt and necklace are the icons of the museum.

The discovery of Avolokiteswara statues happened in Rantau Kapas Tuo in 1991, while the heptagonal golden medal (dated in 1928 A.D) is a tributary of Ottoman Empire from Turkey.
Some other historical properties of the museum are the old money machine stamp, ancient canoe, Jambi traditional costumes, and many more. Discover numerous valuable properties within, suit for you who are undertaking a research in Jambi Province.