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03-01-2012, 11:47
The beauty of the Berhala Island with big stones and rocks along the shore,makes the Berhala island is very suitable for use as a marine tourism object. With only covered the distance in a time of 0.5 hours from the city of Nipah Panjang, Tanjung Jabung Eastern District, one hour from the village of Sungai Itik district sadu, and 2-3 hours from the Suak Kandis Nipah Panjang using spead Boat course. Especially if they are supported by good weather and waves are not high. We are engrossed lulled by the gentle sound of waves Ujung Jabung Negri Lamo.

Here visitors do not need to worry about lodging. Have certainly provided cottages, cottages with particularity jambinya building. Visitors can relax in comfort after a day of play in a clean white beach islands such as this salt. The water is clear, add to the beauty of this beach is especially seiirng with sound waves in the evening breeze which sometimes can be seen in some types of marine ecosystems promising for the visitors.

This island can be developed to the location of nautical tourism, fishing, diving, surfing, and other marine recreation. The island is rich forest Roots Bahar where store various types of coral reefs (Intertidal Coral Reef and Middle Reef) within a radius of 200 M from the beach which is not less than 22 species and species of reef fish can be seen from 11 species, if you dive there.

A lighthouse stands firmly as a guide for ships serving the strait Berhala because the Berhala island is surrounded by a cluster of small islands that have a growing asset to Jambi.

As in the eastern part, has rock cliffs are quite steep which can be made the object of a beautiful photo. Here also there are grave Datuk Paduko Berhalo, a derivative of the Turkish Islamic nomadic parents of Rang Kayo Hitam (King of Jambi). Look how beautiful beaches that belongs by people of Jambi . Why do not we visit there to tie the social cultural and emotional ties of descent area to help build sustainable and directionally jambi? let us show our love to the love of our ancestors, our ancestors jambi people first.

Especially look at this exotic island Graveyard Datuk Berhalo paduko can be seen from the dock when we had landed there. Exhaustion will be lost after seeing all that beauty.

Source: jambitourism.co.id

photo: asiaexplorers.com

photo by taufiktmg

photo: titopoenyacrita.blogspot.com

photo: jambitourism.co.id

01-05-2012, 10:52
http://maps.google.com/maps?q=Tanjung+Jabung+Timur,+Jambi,+Indonesia&hl=en&ll=-1.09376,103.870239&spn=0.472325,0.724411&sll=-0.589724,101.343106&sspn=15.07273,23.181152&t=h&hnear=East+Tanjung+Jabung+Regency,+Jambi,+Indonesi a&z=11