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The peak of Mount Kerinci, which is the highest active volcano in Indonesia. This mountain looks so close from one GunungTujuh back. Mount Kerinci towering into the sky as if seen alone. GunungTujuh region separated by a highway that connects Sungai Penuh, the capital of Kerinci regency, Jambi province, with Labuh Estuary, Solok regency, West Sumatra. For the climbers, Mount Kerinci with a peak at an altitude of 3805 meters above sea level (asl) is as always a challenge. However, for amateur climbers who just want to feel tired to walk uphill through the trail, the Seven Mountains region can treat the dream to conquer the mountain.

Gunung Tujuh in this area live many species typical of Kerinci Seblat National Park (TNKS), such as the Sumatran tiger (Panthera tigris sumatrensis), gibbons, sun bears, wild boars, tapirs, various birds, and various species of butterfly.

Plants that live in this area vary with the belle of the various types of natural orchids and flowers IN PLANTS. Fatigue when climbing certainly gone on arrival at the destination location in the area Gunung Tujuh, which is a lake called Lake residents about Gunung Tujuh.Sebagian also called Lake Gods name.

Gunung Tujuh Lake is a lake located at an altitude of 1950 meters above sea level. The lake is located in the area TNKS is the highest lake in Southeast Asia. The lake route to be through the gate Gunung Tujuh TNKS Post Pelompek Village, District Wood Aro, Kerinci regency. In the village with an altitude of 1600 meters above sea level it was cold, even more so because the wind is always blowing hard. Without jackets or sweaters, cold wind stung the bone.

For visitors who want to climb into Lake Gunung Tujuh early, can take advantage of people’s houses around the post. The house that once lived into a homestay can be booked before the day of arrival, or on the day of arrival if it happens that there are no visitors to stay.

The journey from climbing the gate to Lake Gunung Tujuh travel takes between two hours to three hours. There are two route, ie through a more long lines but further ramps and through new channels with steeper slope to more than 60 degrees but more quickly.

At the end of the ascent of the two lines, the visitors have to pass down the path to arrive at the sharp edge of Lake Gunung Tujuh. In this place of natural wonders can be seen. A lake with about four kilometers long and three miles wide stretching in front of my eyes.

Lake with an area of approximately 12 square miles surrounded by six mountains, the Upper Mount Tebo with a height of 2525 meters above sea level, Mount Upper Sangir (2330 meters above sea level), Mountain Iron Mandura (2418 meters above sea level), Mount Basil (2230 meters above sea level), Mount Jar Bake (2469 meters above sea level), and the mountain with the highest peak, the Mount Seven (2732 meters above sea level).

Visitors who want to enjoy another gorgeous natural scenery in the area of Lake Gunung Tujuh can also come to the Gunung Tujuh Waterfall. Waterfall with tens of meters high that comes from Lake Gunung Tujuh. Visitors who want to reach this waterfall through paths not far from the former homestead resort near the guardhouse at the foot of the mountain with a travel time of travel for two hours to three hours.

Lake Gunung Tujuh with all the natural beauty that she kept until now has not bothered ignorant hands. Until now Gunung Tujuh region is a region that is still intact and sustainable. Party Hall TNKS constantly reminds visitors not to take, capture, or carry the biodiversity of this region possessed. The visitor also reminded not to doodle or to carve anything in Gunung Tujuh region. They are also reminded to not carelessly dispose of garbage.

Can not be denied, Gunung Tujuh Lake and the surrounding natural area is one of the tour belle Kerinci regency. The location of so many beautiful natural attractions in the district, Lake Gunung Tujuh become more prominent because of the uniqueness and beauty they have.

The existence of Lake Gunung Tujuh directly adjacent to Mount Kerinci, as if to balance the highest active volcanoes in Indonesia. Recent years Mount Kerinci even look so ‘benign’, so many people who say that it happened because of the Seven Lakes Mountain is a ‘cooler from Mount Kerinci.

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