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28-12-2011, 15:53
Konang beach is 3 miles from Coast Cus located in one area in District pelvis, Race. This beach is an alternative tourist visits.

This tourist attraction famous for its vast expanse of beach stretching from east to south so the main attraction and activity around the coast. Most of you want to enjoy the sunset.

In the morning before daylight from a distance looks a fishing boat began to approach the shore after their evening fishing. This is an opportunity for visitors to take advantage of the opportunity to buy fresh fish catches of the fishermen.

Mamcing your hobbies? Do not forget if you want to visit this beach bring equipment for fishing and other visitors usually fishing from the shore. And the most convenient is pengujug membut the coolness that was created from the many palm trees that grow so udarapun was cool.

This beach is surrounded by hill-bikit mountains, and a beautiful small island located in the middle of the ocean, the island was named after the island Godo.

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09-04-2012, 10:21
Konang beach Map

http://maps.google.com/maps?q=Nglebeng+1,+Panggul,+Trenggalek,+Jawa+Timur ,+Indonesia&hl=en&ll=-8.279615,111.434326&spn=0.116872,0.181103&sll=-8.315626,111.562986&sspn=0.058431,0.090551&oq=nglebeng,+Trenggalek,+Jawa+Timur,+Indonesia&t=h&hnear=Nglebeng+1,+Panggul,+Trenggalek,+East+Java,+ Indonesia&z=13

Konang beach Video


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