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27-12-2011, 12:35
The natural glamour is very beautiful, green and cool, with luxury mountain background and fresh air, are peaceful condition for us. There are parks with natural design around it, here is also equipped with children playground, wide swimming pool and limpid, because the water flow directly from the mountain which transparent, cold and cool.

It also equipped with a wide and safe parking area, also the special food merchants that make the visitor forbear to staying. It is Sumber Boto.
Sumber Boto is located about 7 km of town direction Mojoagung district to the south. To reach this place, we can apply both vehicle, two wheels and four wheels, because the condition of road have been better. This pool called Sumber Boto, because it is located in Sumber Boto village. Moreover, Sumber Boto had assumed as one part of Majapahit history.

Sumber Boto is often used for encampment event by student, because it has nature panorama, and friendly forest.

Sumber Boto is always visited by many tourists, because this place is equipped with various infrastructures that support a tourism object. Sumber Boto commonly became a tourism place for family, camping ground and everyone who wish to obtain the fresh of nature, playing and swimming.

Hence, is fair if Sumber Boto is become one of Jombang tourism asset which should considered, because of its fascination of the nature and of course this pool is one of the history of Mojojapahit era that must always in taking care forever.



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