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26-12-2011, 15:57
Nganjuk has a range of mountains natural attractions, history and culture to be reckoned with in world tourism in Indonesia, especially in East Java. Natural beauty located in the city Nganjuk this variety, one of which is creeping Roro Kuning Falls. If you like the world of the streets and visit various tourist attractions like the beautiful and natural, then it will not lose if you enter your name Roro Kuning Falls propagates as a place you visit in your trip.

I have many times visited this place, starting from before it is built up after restoration and opened the public since 2005. Despite undergoing refurbishment, but the naturalness and beauty of this place is still awake, because the regency Nganjuk just doing restoration for the convenience of visitors to these attractions include the access road and equip it with a swimming pool, a resort of tourists, a playground for children and musical performances and traditional arts.

Roro Kuning Falls is located about 27-30 km south of the city Nganjuk, and located at an altitude of 600 M above sea level, precisely at the foot of Mount Wilis village Loceret Nganjuk Bajulan District. This waterfall has a height of 10-15 M which flows from Mount Wilis, creeping in between the rocks beneath the trees padas and pine forests. During this waterfall in the area you will be pampered will rimbunnnya pine forests and unspoiled natural singing. If you miss how-nyanian singing forest animals and the naturalness of nature, then this place is very fitting for your visit.




05-04-2012, 10:10
Roro Kuning Waterfall Map

http://maps.google.com/maps?q=Bajulanm,+Loceret,+Jawa+Timur,+Indonesia&hl=en&ll=-7.750285,111.868629&spn=0.117024,0.181103&sll=-7.873755,111.460934&sspn=0.058495,0.090551&oq=bajulan,+Jawa+Timur,+Indonesia&t=h&hnear=Bajulanm,+Loceret,+Nganjuk,+East+Java,+Indon esia&z=13

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