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One of the destinations that I would write is carita beach. Carita Beach is located on the highway Carita - Labuan and is one of the main route linking the major tourist attractions in the area of ​​the western coast of Banten, very strategic, and thus easily reached by tourists.
In addition, this beach is also not too far from Jakarta, so very popular and much visited by domestic or foreign. Carita beach crowded tourist areas visited by the tourists, particularly during weekends or holidays.

Coastal resorts are located in Tanjung Carita presents a beautiful panorama that is a blend of white sand that slope with vegetation typical of the green coast. Clean white sand that is very interesting for those who want to sunbathe or play beach soccer or volleyball. Other activities that can be done is to create a sculpture of pasri and bury themselves in sand.

With a relatively small waves. The tourists can play the surf and swim at the beach. For tourists who want to enjoy other rides at this beach there are also leasing a variety of game tools, such as boat, jet ski, speed boat, and banana boat. If you are a hobby of fishing, at Carita beach is a place for various kinds of fish, so it is suitable for hobby fishing. Cimeti Cikembang River and the river close to the beach Carita. The water is clearer and more beautiful with the background of green hills.

Carita beach tourist area has a marine park. Marine parks can be reached about 2 hours by motor boat from Carita beach. Day is a great time to visit it. Because the tourists will be amazed after seeing various species of fish and coral reefs are full Collor.

When it was late afternoon, sunset is another scorching power of this friend carita beach. Mount Krakatoa and Anak Krakatoa volcano that stands firmly in the distance complete the charm of this beach..Never stop Ending Holiday in Indonesia

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The road to Carita was not good. It did not worth the farther trip one had to make to reach it. The Anyer beach, which is closer to the Toll way is a better choice.It attracts enormous numbers of locals on major holidays and they seem to regard the Sunda Strait as one giant trashcan. I was once hit by a bag full of lunch scraps while swimming here.

Yes thats true. sometimes it takes very long to get there because of the traffic jam.. Have any of you try to go to Tanjung Lesung (http://tanjunglesungvilla.com/) ? Its near Anyer / Carita. I believe this is way better place. Moreover, Tanjung Lesung also offers quiet and private beach.

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beauty site, please send me the cost for 10 days, thanks