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  2. Toba Lake, North Sumatra - Indonesia
  3. Medan, North Sumatera: Breeding the World’s Largest Crocodile
  4. Sipiso-piso Waterfall, Sumatera - Indonesia
  5. A Jungle Trek In Gunung Leuser National Park, Indonesia
  6. Berastagi, Karo - Indonesia
  7. Lawang Hill, Sumatera - Indonesia
  8. Lake Lau Kawar, Tanah Karo - North Sumatra - Indonesia
  9. Hillpark Sibolangit: The Largest Theme Park - North Sumatra - Indonesia
  10. Enjoying Charm Maimun Palace in Medan
  11. Al Mashun Grand Mosque, Medan - Indonesia
  12. Poncan Gadang Island, Sibolga - North Sumatra - Indonesia
  13. Batang Gadis National Park, North Sumatra - Indonesia
  14. Lau Debuk-Debuk, Karo - North Sumatra - Indonesia
  15. Lingga village, Brastagi - North Sumatra - Indonesia
  16. Kesawan Square, Medan - North Sumatra - Indonesia
  17. Medan City Hall, North Sumatra - Indonesia
  18. Museum of North Sumatra, Indonesia
  19. Rahmat Wildlife Museum & Gallery, Medan - Indonesia
  20. Simalem Park, Karo Regency - North Sumatra - Indonesia
  21. Pematang Siantar Zoological Park - North Sumatra - Indonesia
  22. Medan Zoo, North Sumatra - Indonesia
  23. Pantai Cermin Theme Park, North Sumatra - Indonesia
  24. Mikie Holiday, North Sumatra - Indonesia
  25. Two Color Sibolangit Waterfall, North Sumatra - Indonesia
  26. Unong Sisapa Waterfall, North Sumatra - Indonesia
  27. Sikulikap Waterfall, North Sumatra - Indonesia
  28. Sipoholon Spring Water, North Sumatra - Indonesia
  29. Aek Sipangolu, North Sumatra - Indonesia
  30. Sibayak Volcano, North Sumatra - Indonesia
  31. Gundaling Hill, Berastagi - North Sumatra - Indonesia
  32. Leuser Mountain National Park - Aceh, North Sumatra
  33. Samosir Island, The Ancient Land of Batak People - North Sumatra
  34. Enjoying The Natural Harmony in Sipirok
  35. Maimun Heritage Deli Sultanate palace in Medan
  36. Tenun Ulos Nusantara Mendapat Nominasi UNESCO Awards 2012
  37. Nias Island: Authentic!
  38. [VIDEO] Vakansi Lintas Udara
  39. Ulos of North Sumatra
  40. Linting Lake in Medan, North Sumatera
  41. Central Tapanuli Tourist Destination
  42. Spectaculer Sunset View in Gundaling Hill, Berastagi - North Sumatra
  43. Tinggi Raja White Crater, Hidden Crater in Simalungun Province - Medan
  44. Sigura-gura Waterfall, the Highest Waterfall in Indonesia - Medan
  45. Sikulikap Waterfall in Berastagi Tourism - Karo
  46. Lumbini Natural Park, Most Beautiful Pagoda in Indonesia
  47. Sorake Beach, Surfing Spot in South Nias - North Sumatra
  48. Lake Lau Kawar, Beautiful Panoramic Lake in Karo - Berastagi
  49. Tangkahan, the Hidden Paradise in North Sumatra
  50. Maimoon Palace, The Famous Royal Palace in Medan
  51. Lake Toba, Popular Lake in Indonesia
  52. Dua Warna Waterfall
  53. Pelaruga Jungle Tracking, Favorite Destination in Binjai
  54. Tanjung Balai Culinary Hometown
  55. Medan | Culinary Town
  56. Vihara Avalokitesvara, Place of the Largest Kwan Im in Southeast Asia
  57. Enjoy Amazing Mursala Waterfall in Mursala Island
  58. *** Island, the Famous Surfing Spot in the Northern Sumatra
  59. Charlita Beach, Beautiful Beach in Gunungsitoli
  60. Medan Zoo, Favorite Tourist Attraction in Medan
  61. Pandan Beach, Popular Destination in Sibolga - North Sumatera
  62. Bohorok Rehabilitation Center, Bukit Lawang - North Sumatra
  63. Bukit Lawang on Gunung Leuser National Park
  64. Adventure Elephant Trekking on Tangkahan - North Sumatra
  65. Vihara Gunung Timur Temple in Medan
  66. Enjoy the Panoramic View in Sidamanik Tea Garden
  67. Asam Kumbang Crocodile Park, Medan - North Sumatra
  68. The Incredible Lake Toba, Medan - North Sumatera
  69. Klang Beach, Serdang Bedagai - North Sumatra
  70. Hill Park Sibolangit - Deli Serdang
  71. Jangga Village, The Natural Residence in North Sumatera
  72. Lasambo Beach, West-coast of North Nias
  73. Toyolawa Beach, Popular Tourist Spot in Nias Utara
  74. Walo Beach, The Red Sand Beach in Afulu
  75. Exotica Tureloto Beach of North Nias
  76. Makora Island, A Small Beautiful Island in Nias
  77. Lau Kawar Lake and The Legend Behind It
  78. Sipiso-piso Waterfal, North Sumatra
  79. Indah Laowomaru Beach, Gunung Sitoli
  80. Prapat City, Where we can find Lake Toba
  81. Batak People and the Way The Cultural Inherit
  82. Danau Toba And The Glance Of Its Beauty
  83. Maimoon Palace, The Glory of Ancient Kingdom That Still Exist
  84. Candi Bahal, The Ruin That Keep Tons Of Memories, Padang Lawas
  85. Visit Mount Sibayak, The One of Most Accessible Mountain In Sumatra
  86. Sopo Partungkoan, Another Traditional Object to be Visited - Tarutung, North Sumatera
  87. Tuk Tuk Traditional Village, Samosir Island
  88. Rahmat International Wildlife Museum & Gallery
  89. Tuk Tuk Resort, Samosir
  90. South Tapanuli Regency
  91. Pematangsiantar, The Second Largest City After Medan in South Sumatra
  92. Turunan Bolon, A Turbo Waterfall at North Sumatera
  93. What was the hardest or most frustrating part of the trip?
  94. Tureloto Beach, Balefadorotuho, Lahewa, North Nias
  95. The Corridor Conservation, Batang Gadis National Park - Sumatra
  96. The Philosophy of Ulos
  97. Lumbini Natural Park Pagoda, Berastagi
  98. The Perfect Place Named Tongging
  99. Sumatra Weather and You should come here
  100. Lagundri Beach, Nias
  101. Great Toba Lake (Danau Toba) in North Sumatra
  102. The Wonderful Beach Over Poncan Island Sibolga
  103. Lake Toba - North Sumatera
  104. Visit an Ancient Batak Village at Lake Toba
  105. Tomb of King Sidabutar
  106. Visit the Batak Museum
  107. the Sipiso-Piso Waterfall
  108. Mbaho Gamira Waterfall - Beauty Buried of Natual Tourism in Gunungsitoli
  109. Sirombu Beach - Tourism Place for Relaxation With Beautiful Sunset and Exotic Waves
  110. Hunting for Sunrise and the Sound of Waves Along at Hoya Beach, Nias Islands
  111. Praying and Touring in Prayer Hills of Tabang Huta Ginjang, North Tapanuli
  112. Humogo Waterfall-The Exotic Tourism with Beautiful Natural Attraction in Gunungsitoli
  113. Maimun palace
  114. Quasi tutti
  115. Landscape Indonesia
  116. Sapo Juma - Beautiful Garden with Most Trendy Photo Spot in Karo
  117. Explore Berastagi City Attractions & Activities
  118. What are the best things to do in North Sumatra?
  119. How to get to nias from India?
  120. Dua Warna Waterfall
  121. Which are the best Places to Visit in North Sumatra?
  122. 5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Visit Lake Toba