Tulungagung is famous by the biggest marble producer in Indonesia, and it lies in 154 Km northwest Surabaya. Tulungagung is regency that has direct border with Kediri in north, Indian Ocean in south, Blitar in east and Trenggalek in west. In Tulungagung regency, there is a famous marble mount that located in Besole village, Campurdarat district, about 18 km to east of Tulungagung town. This area is also known as the center of Onyx handicraft that famous till to abroad.

Marble is natural richness of Tulungagung. All marble spade used it for handicraft, such as; souvenir, furniture, etc.There are many tourists and businessman often order those handicraft made of marble. They usually order for house furniture, interior, collection, tombstone, etc.

Historically, the area of Tulungagung was just a small area that today is become the city square. The name is taken from Kawi language, Tulung means spring and Agung means great. The area of Tulungagung is divided as mountainous at west side and becomes part of Wilis Liman Mt, lowland at middle area and Mountain range at south and becomes part of Kidul Mt. Looking at the area of the land, Tulungagung has potential at nature resources to become tourism destination. In addition to marble producer, Tulungagung is also rich in SMEs.

Pathok Gebang Beach

Pathok Gebang Beach is located in Jengglungharjo village, Tulungagung, East Java. Pathok Gebang is one of genuin beach, for it becomes one of most hidden coastal in Tulungagung. Not only because of the road access that is still inadequate, but also the location is quite remote from residential areas. To get to the site is not easy and challenging. The interesting thing about this beach is when the tide is high, where we can see the waves that hit a reef up to 15-20 meters. All the struggle will be paid upon arrival at the site and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding.

Grapefruit Agrotourism

This site is situated in the Cluwok hamlet, Bono village, Moyoketen, Boyolangu District, Tulungagung, East Java. About 500 families in Cluwok are depending their life by being starfruit farmers. To reach the location is can be accessed from the center of Tulungagung heading to west. The tourist Buses can enter the location, so they will have comfortable parking space. Around the plantation, the visitors allowed to pick the starfruits and directly eat. To reap the fruits, the visitors will be accompanied by a guide who served and they will help to choose the perfect fruit.

Molang Beach

Molang beach is located in Pucanglaban village, southern Tulungagung that directly adjacent to Blitar regency. To access this site is very easily. We can start it from Tulungagung eastwards towards Ngunut, heading to south toward Panjerejo, turn south to the mountains of Demuk Puser, then, 7 km more to Pucanglaban District. This beach has great waves, white sand, and has a beautiful panorama. The cool air could be an alternative for a family holiday or those who want to get fairly high waves. During the trip to the beach, the visitors will witnesed the panoramic from shrimp farms. In this coastal area, there are two sources of freshwater that flow throughout the year. The water source named Umbul Drono and Umbul Pacar.

Pasir Cave

The cave is located in the Pasir hamlet, Junjung village, Sumbergempol subdistrict, Tulungagung. Pasir cave is kind of hermitage which contains many reliefs, sculptures Dwarapala, and fragments of statues of Ganesha, the legacy of Majapahit kingdom. Around this location there is an ancient tomb, local residents called Mbah Bodho. In front of this ancient tomb there are several statues, pedestals, miniature buildings, Padma and dismembered ancient stones. In contrast to the cave in general that has many interconnected hallway, in Pasir Cave there is only entrance cave that leads to the northeast with a length of 430 cm, a width of 190cm and 150 cm niche. Historically, this cave was used as hermitage by Rajapatni, Hayam Wuruk’s grandmother, who died in 1350 AD and his ashes interred at Boyolangu temple, about 12 km from the location of Sand Cave.

Popoh Beach

Popoh beach is the interesting tourism object in Tulungagung regency. In this tourism object, you can enjoy the beautiful of nature scenery, astonished with a thousand temples; enjoy the swimming pool, and fauna. This tourism object has managed by the region government of Tulungagung, together with Retjo Pentoeng Cigarettes Company.

Sanggrahan Temple

Sanggrahan temple or Cungkup temple is a Buddhist temple, lies in the village of Sanggrahan, District Boyolangu, Tulungagung, East Java. The temple is square and consists of building the legs, body and roof. This temple was the relics of the Majapahit Empire, that was built around 1350, and was once a temple for storing the ashes for Majapahit Kings relatives.

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