Tuban is regency that popular by the name of city of Wali. Wali is moslem saint, where Tuban was the area of Islam spreading at early begin. Moreover, this regency is also known as the city of thousand caves, for the location of the area that settled in the range of limestone Mountain. Tuban has 65 km long of sea line and it has direct border with Java sea in north, Lamongan in east, Bojonegoro in south, Rembang and Blora (Central Java) in west.

During the reign of Majapahit Kingdom in 1293, the government of Tuban had been existed developed, where the center of administration was located at Prunggahan Kulon village. The old Tuban in the past was sea armada that quite powerfull and it made Majapahit strong at that era. Looking at the historical background, it can be sure that Tuban has number of heritage values that can be explore as tourism destination today.

Sowan Beach

Sowan beach is located in the Bogorejo village, Bancar Sub-District, Tuban. It precisely located in the border between Central Java and East Java, on the edge of the northern coast line. Sowan beach is the beach which is managed by Perhutani Tuban area, the atmosphere is very cool and shady though it located on the coast. Sowan beach is lies in the green of the trees that managed by Perhutani, with an area of 32 acres. On the beach there are coral wall that juts into the sea and white sand. The visitors who come can enjoy the cool beach while fishing or enjoy seafood at food stalls around the beach.

Boom Beach

Boom beach in Tuban has, a sort of "Breakwater" or as an artificial peninsula because of the length is approximately 1000 m. On the right side of the artificial peninsula, is still used as a place to rest by traditional fishing boat by local society. Boom beach, which is just located at north city square in Tuban, offering a wide place to be a family recreation area with beach that extends into the sea. There are also fresh water springs that flow out of the seaside. This is a perfect place, where visitors can enjoy the beautiful beaches and refreshing atmosphere.

Mangrove Center Tuban

Mangrove Center Tuban is an environmental education center and the sea coast in Tuban, East Java. This place is perfect for you and your family to enjoy the beach and aknowledging about the environment, especially in coastal areas. At early begin, this location was land that abraded by the ferocity of the north shore waves, with up to 80-100 meters to the mainland. Today, it turned into a mini forest, a green area, with shady and beautiful pine trees and other facilities for recreation.

Akbar Cave

The unique thing of Akbar Cafe is the charming of its huge spaces and also its long tunnels. There are also many interesting scenery of cave which you can not find in other places. If we come in the cave we will see the river that flow calmly, in that river we will see the various fishes, which the water comes from water fall in the centre of the cave. You may feed the fish by throwing down a little piece of bread. In other part of space, called "Mahahandhapa Sri Manganti", the visitors will be presented with traditional music like Gamelan, Siteran and any other traditional music. Sometimes, there is a solo pionist or guitarist, and the visitors can involve in singing a song.

Nglirip Waterfall

Nglirip waterfall is located in Singggahan district, around 35 km to the southwest of Tuban city. There are two routes to take in order to reach Nglirip waterfall, which is through Montong route and Singgahan route. Nglirip waterfall is such charming scenery; from the side of the road the visitors will see the water falling from the cliff over which there is a small bridge beneath. For those who want to witness the waterfall closer, it is adviseable to be careful, for the road is slippery and having the rocky path.

Gedog Batik

Batik is one of the supreme products in Tuban Regency which have penetrating the International market. Typical Tuban batik consist of wove and batik wrote from silk material. The centre of wove batik industry or known as Gedog wove and batik wrote silk is in Margorejo village, Kerek district, Bongkol Village, Tuban district and in Semanding Village of Karang district. Respectively this batik had the typical characteristics separately that all of them were produced in a traditional manner, both from the process of the thread spinning and has execution. This typical Tuban batik was often sold in each kiosk / souvenir shop

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