Sumenep, together with Pamekasan, Sampang and Bangkalan, is the last regency that settled in Madura Island. This regency is settled in the eastern end of Madura and it has direct border with Madura strait in south, Java Sea in north, Pamekasan in west and Java sea or Flores sea in east.

This regency is consisting of land and some other Islands in Java Sea for about 126 Islands. During the colonialism this regency was dominated by one royal family from Sumenep Kadipaten, which was Wangsa Cakraningrat. Different with other three regencies in Madura, Sumenep is rich in gas and oil resource that coming from Pagerungan Mountains and becomes the regency with high income than other regencies.

Looking at the character from Madura peoples in common that high temper and rigid, Sumenep people are tend to be softer and friendly. This situation happened because of the cultural background from Java Keraton that being hold by the society, especially for servants of Sumenep Keraton since colonial era. Altough, there are some differences between other sisters area, but Sumenep is has one thing in common in case of its tourism, which is dominated by beaches.

Asta Karang Sabu

Asta Karang Sabu is a complex for Royal Family cemetery for Sumenep King and Duke who ruled in the 15th century, who was Prince Ario Kanduruan, Prince Lor and Prince Wetan. At this Karang Sabu he led the government at that time. This cemetery is located in the heart of Sumenep, precisely in the Karangduak Village, Sumenep, approximately 500 m from the center of town to the west. Sumenep is a district that located in the eastern tip of the island of Madura. An area that is laden with cultural values and religion. At ancient time, there was many knights and religious leaders from local region, like Jokotole or prince Sokadiningrat III, Arya Wiraraja, Adi Poday and others. They are not only famous in the region but also in Java and Bali. And this cemetery is the dwelling place of one of those figures and the royal family.

Jeruk Cave

Jeruk cave is located in in Kebunagung village, Sumenep regency. This cave was a meditation place that used by Sultan Abdurrahman Pakunata ningrat, the duke of Sumenep in 1811 - 1854 M. After the administration of Panembahan Sumolo, Sultan Abdurrahman was the only trusted and smart duke to ran the administration in Sumenep. During Sultan Abdurrahman era, all the people live in piece and save. The conomic worked very fluent, that made the people gave highest honor to him. Hence, the preservation and the originality of Gua Jeruk is taken care wisely. This is done to remember Sultan Abdurrahman and to take care one of history heap. Many people come to visit gua jeruk, especially in holiday season like iedul fitri and 7 days after ied.

Kalianget Old Town

Kota Tua Kalianget ot Kalianget old town is located in the eastern city of Sumenep. Here the visitors can see relics of the salt factory, colonial architecture and some areas of defense that was built during the VOC and forwarded by the Government of the Netherlands East Indies during the Sumenep colonialization. Kalianget was developed into the city due to a very strategic location and is the busiest port city in the Madura Strait. In this old town, we can find some historical relics that ever build by Dutch Colonial, like the first Modern Briquettes Salt Plant in Indonesia, which was built in 1899, Tennis court, Swimming pool, cinema, until the settlement for employees of the salt mill at that time.

Sumenep Museum & Keraton

Keraton Sumenep is one of cultural heritages in Sumenep since the ancient time and now officially becomes the Museum for public. Just like the part of the kingdom, Sumenep Museum is also showing the parts of Keraton Sumenep with every detail furniture and anything related.

Lombang Beach

Lombang Beach is one of beautiful beaches in Sumenep. No wonder the beach become favorite beach in Madura Island. Lombang Beach are interesting tourism object to be promoted to all Indonesia, even to worldwide. Located in 25 km from downtown of Sumenep. Precisely at Lombang village, Batang-Batang district of Sumenep regency. The beach are unique beside has white sandy beach were bordered by thousands of natural pine (casuarina) that make the beach feels fresh. Named Casuarinas Equisetifolia is naturally growth surrounding Lombang Beach and it is very famous in the world, because can live only in Indonesia and China.

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