Sidoarjo is regency in East Java and become the nearest regency from Surabaya. Sidoarjo is also the supporting area from Surabaya that has border with Surabaya and Gresik in north, Madura strait in east, Pasuruan in south and Mojokerto in west.

Geographically, Sidoarjo is located in low land and it lies in between two River stream, which is Kali Mas and Kali Porong. Hence, Sidoarjo is famous by the name of city of Delta. Sidoarjo is rich in fisheries, like fishes, shrimp and crabs. This is explaining that the icon of Sidoarjo is shrimp and milk fish (Bandeng), that also becomes one of the best comodity from this town.

Historically, Sidoarjo was part of Jenggala Kingdom. During Dutch colonization, Sidoarjo was known as Sidokare and administratively part of Surabaya. Until 1859 it was separated and being a single area.

Sidoarjo has several destinations that can be visited as your nearest destination, either from historical sites, artificial site or just culinary experience.

Pari Temple

Candi Pari is a temple which is located about 2 km to the northwest of the center of PT Lapindo Brantas mud flow today. This temple is located in the village of Candi Pari, Porong district, Sidoarjo regency, East Java Province. This temple is a rectangular building of brick, facing to the west with the threshold and the gates is made by andesite natural stone. In the past, above the gate there was a stone with the numbers in 1293 Saka = 1371 AD. It is a relic of Majapahit in the reign of King Hayam Wuruk 1350-1389 AD. In fact, Pari temple was founded in the reign of the Majapahit Kingdom under the government of King Hayam Wuruk.

Batik Kenongo

Batik Kenongo is one of handwriting batik crafts from Sidoarjo; it located in Kenongo village. There are lots of designs from traditional Batik that will make you wonder, it is available for those who are fanatics to Batik. The quality of Kenongo Batik been recoqnized in worldwide, even, it already received five awards from some countries, like Spain and France. Hence, the price is also appropriated by the quality.

Delta Fishing

Delta fishing is the appropriate place to be the venue of birthday party, reunion, gathering, garden party, games, meeting or out bound and some occasions. Delta Fishing have some facilities to complete the enjoyment like free wi-fi Internet, swimming pool, stall, playground : water cycle, rowing boat, trampoline, out bound and many more. Those who are fishing at the ponds can ask the waiter to cook the fishes, there are optional menus like roasted fish, fried fish, sweet and sour or spices. There are some ponds with different kind of fish, like catfish, tilapia, pomfret and carp. Hence, the visitors can choose the ponds as they like.


Tanggulangin leather industry is an industrial producer of bags, luggage and related products and becomes an icon for the district Tanggulangin, Sidoarjo. The industry began in 1939, when some craftsmen began making bags and suitcases. And in 1976 established the Industry Bags and Suitcase (INTAKO), which initially comprised just 27 people, yet growing to be one of destinations when visiting Sidoarjo today.

Sumur Temple

Sumur Temple is located about 100-200 m in south-west of Candi Pari. Currently this temple is in disrepair, the rest pieces are just the wall, which lies in the east and south, along the floor and the building foundation. The temple was made by red brick. Founded at the same time with Candi Pari and both are included the ancient Heritage in Sidoarjo. Those temples are inspected on October 16, 1906. The location of sumur temple is only 100 meters from the Temple Pari. Different with Candi Pari which has a size much larger and has been succeeded in re-renovated, Sumur Temple is not so. This temple has a smaller size only about half of Candi Pari and it is successfully restored only half of it.

Sidoarjo Shrimp Cracker

Krupuk or kerupuk is type of crackers or snack crackers which is made from tapioca flour batter mixed with some ingredients such as shrimp or fish flavor. Crackers made by steaming batter before thinly cut, dried in the sun and fried with a lot of cooking oil. Krupuk is an Indonesian favourit side-dish that can be completing the meal during breakfast, lunch or even dinner. Sidoarjo is, once again, one of the famous producer for this industrial. Among 15000 Small and Medium Enterprises in Sidoarjo, most of them are belongs to cracker industrial. Along Majapahit street, there are several stores that provide Sidoarjo particular snacks, especially crackers. You just choose which you like; ready to eat crackers, or raw crackers to be your gift.

Smoked Milk Fish

Smoked milkfish is one of souvenirs that can be found in every gift store in Surabaya. It has savory and Smokey taste from the milkfish and has sauce which made by mix ketchup and shrimp paste. The price for this menu is very affordable, Rp. 36.000 to Rp. 38.000 per kilogram. This price is much cheaper than the smoke milkfish in modern packaged, whose price reached Rp 60,000. per kilogram.

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