Lumajang, Where The Highest Peak Meets The Exotic Shores

Lumajang is one of regencies in East Java that famous because of one of the best banana producers in Indonesia. This regency has direct border with Probolinggo in north, Jember in east, Indian Ocean in south and Malang in west.

Lumajang is one of areas that been exist since the ancient kingdom, around 1255 AD, by the reined of Kingdom Lamajang. All of the evidence and literature about Lumajang and the ancient Kingdom is written on Mula Malurung inscription that been found in December 15, 1255; that date is also becomes the anniversary date from Lumajang.

Lumajang is lies in a border of Mountain series, where there is Bromo, Tengger and Semeru Mt around west area. Meanwhile, at the east side of this regency has lower landscape that make it closer to the shores, where there is Bambang beach, Watu Pecak, Dampar beach and other around the area.

Seeing the condition of the nature above, we can be sure that there are a lot of tourism potentials that can be found in this regency.

The Triangle Lakes

In Lumajang there are three famous Ranu or lakes that being close one to another, they are Ranu Bedali, Ranu Pakis and Ranu Klakah. These three lakes are located in the north side of Lumajang, administratively located in 2 sub-districts; Ranu Bedal is in Ranuyoso, while Ranu Klakah and Ranu Pakis is in Klakah sub-district. Those lakes have exotic view, that combined with refreshing air and green nuance around the lakes.

Semeru Mountain

Semeru or better known as Mahameru or Gunung Agung, is the second highest Mountain in Java Island, and becomes the highest Mountain in East Java. It has 3.676 meter above sea level. The summit crater in Semeru is called Jonggring Saloka. In 1913 and 1946, the Jonggring Saloka Crater had dome with a height of 3744.8 M until the end November 1973. It is advisable for not climbing the peak of Semeru, which is the Jonggring Saloka. Also, it is not recommended to climb from the south side, for there will be poisonous gas and lava flows. This toxic gas known as Wedhus Gembel.

Mandara Giri Temple

Mandara Giri Temple is a Hindu temple that located in Sendoro sub-district, around 25 Km to the west of Lumajang city. This temple is always crowd by the follower during Hindu ceremony called Memendak Thirtha and Mount Semeru ceremony called Mjejauman.

Sawur Mountain

Sawur is a Mountain that also becomes the location for monitoring the activity of Mount Semeru, which is located in the village Sumbermujur, Candipuro sub-district, Lumajang. The Semeru Volcano Observation Post (PPGA) in Sawur is frequently visited by people from local people who want to know the activity and the beauty of Semeru Mt.

Watu Pecak Beach

Watu Pecak is located in Selok Awar-awar village, Pasirian sub-district, 18 Km to the south of Lumajang, or it takes 35 minutes drive. This beach is close to Bambang beach and it has big waves that will be dangerous if we do swimming.

Dampar Beach

Dampar beach is quite famous site in Lumajang. This beach is located in Dampar hamlet, Bades village, Pasirian sub-district, or it takes 1 hour drive from Lumajang. This beach is calm and not too crowd, and suitable for having sun-bathing, surfing or swimming.

Bambang Beach

Bambang Beach is a typical of southern beach that has big and layered waves that can reach 3 meter high. Bambang beach is located in Bago village, Pasirian sub-district or about 24Km from Lumajang and it can be reached by using private vehicles. Urband legend said that this beach is the home of Nyi Roro Kidul, the queen of south ocean.

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