Kediri, The Town of Ancient Kingdom

Kediri has direct border with Jombang regency in the north, Malang regency in the east, Blitar and Tulungagung regency in the south, Madiun and Ponorogo regency in the west and Nganjuk regency in west and north.Kediri has direct border with Jombang regency in the north, Malang regency in the east, Blitar and Tulungagung regency in the south, Madiun and Ponorogo regency in the west and Nganjuk regency in west and north.

Kediri was one of important areas during Indonesia history, because it was part of ancient Kingdom, names Kediri Kingdom, with Jayabaya as the king at that time. During the reign of Kediri kingdom, the kingdom was spread its area to Ternate. By the existence of ancient kingdom, there are also some of heritages that today can be seen as tourism objects.

In fact, Kediri has number of interesting sites that can be explored during holidays:

Kelud Mountain

Mount Kelud is a volcano that still active and it is located in the district of Kediri, exactly on the border of Kediri and Blitar, 27 km from east Kediri. After the last eruption in 2007, this phenomenal mountain has a new dome, that formed from the previous existing lake before the eruption. Before the eruption, Mount Kelud has a charming green crater, but now it has been replaced with a new crater resulting from the eruptions.

Puh Sarang Church

Poh Sarang or Puh Sarang Church is a Rome Catholic church that settled in Pohsarang village, Semen sub-district, precisely in the foot of Wilis Mt. Puh Sarang was build since 1936 by Romo Jan Waolters CM and the architect of Henri Mclaine Pont. This church has some spots that being functioned as worship spot and tourism spots. Anyone can enter this church, either for doing religious activity or enjoying the scenery inside the church.

Irenggolo Waterfall

Irenggolo waterfall has 1200 meter high above sea level and it located in Besuki area, precisely in the slope of Wilis Mt. The stream water from the clifts around 80 meter high, shaping the little stairs with genuine view and it completed with the refreshing cool air.

Surowono Temple

Surowono Temple is a place of hallowing of King Wengker, who was one of the Kings during King Hayam Wuruk government from Majapahit Empire. It has rectangular of 8 x 8 meters size and built in 1400 AD. The fascination of Surowono temple can be seen at the building shape and underground tunnel; the cutting building that flown in clear water of branching way. Surowono Temple is located in Canggu village, Pare district, about 25 km Northeast from Kediri city.

Tegowangi Temple

Tegowangi temple is one of ancient temple in Kediri. This temple has saved many stories about Kediri history. There are some reliefs on the temple wall that interesting the tourists who concerned about historical site. The temple is stand in one complex and it looks like a rectangular form.

Ubalan Site

Ubalan tourism area is located in 15 Km from Kediri, precisely in Kalasan, Minyak Jarak village, Ploso Klaten sub-district. This site offers the tranquility over the protected forest and sparkling water spring. In the area of 12 hectares, the visitors can do swimming, canoeing, water cycling, fishing, camping or just enjoying the nuance.

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