Gresik regency, is one of significant regencies in East Java that written its name during Indonesian history. The first record was taken from the role of Gresik in 11 century, by being the entrance gate of Islam spreading in Java, with the important figure of Syekh Maulana Ibrahim and Fatimah Binti Maimun.

Since 11 Century, Gresik had becomes the important area by being the center of trading and port city that always be visited by traders from Arab, China, Campa and Gujarat. Morover, Gresik was becomes the main port and trading city that significantly important at that time.

Currently, Gresik is a town with many districts and town that gave many contributions because there are many large industrial area such as PT Semen Gresik, PKG, Nippon Paint, BHS-Tex, Maspion and more famous companies that already well known in the market.

In addition to being an industrial city, Gresik is also known for some tourism objects, such as the islands, especially in terms of pilgrimage tourism.

Kastoba Lake

Kastoba lake is located in the village of Peromaan, Tambak sub-district. To go to the location of the lake, we have to go through the trails by foot for about 1 Km, through the woods that up and down. Although it will be tiring, but after reaching the location it will be fun and become an exciting experience. The ambiance of Lake Kastoba is really stunning, where the lake water is clean and clear can be directly drunk and the green forest is also very stunning.

Noko Island

Noko Island is an island that located in the middle of the sea and this is only a white sandy land that stretches along the 600m2 with a width of 25 m. The uninhabited island that surrounded by a variety of sponges with beautiful Marine Park. The island is included in the territory of Gresik, precisely into the region of Bawean Island. Near to Noko, there is an island named Gili Island. The visitors, who settled on the island of Gili, can just walk to get to Noko Island, just if the sea water is receding.

Long Grave

Makam Panjang or literally means as Long Grave is a complex of ancient cemetery that located in Leran village, Manyar sub-district, about 8Km to the west of Gresik city. Makam Panjang is consisting of number of graves that covered with high walls around it. The design from this complex is backward arranged, where the end side is the most sacred one. The main building of this tomb is in the form of cupola that made of white stone. The main building is also the main tomb and becomes the most important figures in the tomb complex, namely, Siti Fatimah binti Maimun.

The Grave of Fatimah Binti Maimun

Fatimah Binti Maimun or better known as Putri Retno Suwari was a princess from Mahmud Syah Alam from Cambodia that sacrifice herself as an offering woman to made Majapahit King at that time converting his religion to Islam, from Hindu. The cemetry of Fatimah Binti Maimun is located in Leran village, Manyar sub-district, and today becomes one of the most visited pilgrim sites and becomes the oldest cemetery in Indonesia, even in Southeast Asia.

The Grave of Nyai Ageng Pinatih

Nyai Ageng Pinatih was the foster mother of Sunan Giri, a sister of Raden Rahmat or Sunan Ampel and she also one of the important figure that has contribution spreading Islam in Java. During Majapahit era, this lady was a wealthy merchant that being honored by King and becames a Syah Bandar Gresik. The grave of Nyai Ageng Pinatih is located in Bedilan, Kebungson sub-district, around 300 m to Gresik town square.

The Grave of Sunan Giri

Sunan Giri was one of nineth Wali or Wali Songo and one of the important figure, founder of Giri Kedaton kingdom in Gresik. He was born in Blambangan 1442 and known for many names like Raden Paku, Prabu Satmoto, Sultan Abdul Faqih, Raden Ainul Yaqin and Joko Samudra. The grave of Sunan Giri is settled in Giri village, Kebonmas, Gresik and always been visited by pilgrimage.

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