Exploring Bondowoso And The Exotic Natural Sightseeing

Bondowoso is regency in East Java where the location has direct border with Banyuwangi and Situbondo in the east, Jember in the south, Situbondo in north, Probolinggo and Situbondo in west. The majority of the inhabitants are Javanese and Madurase, where farming is the one of the occupation they do.

Bondowoso is one of the most potential regency in East Java in matter of tourism sites and giving the most visitors for East Java tourism. This is happen because of the landscape of Bondowoso that keeps plenty of worth visiting destinations. Bondowoso has number of destinations relating to tourism objects and most of them are already famous worldwide.

Ijen Crater

Ijen is the complex of volcanic area, which there is a crater of Ijen and its plateau, which has 2,600 M and 8,660 M high. Ijen is located in three parts of regencies, which in Situbondo, Bondowoso, and Banyuwangi, East Java. This volcanic area becomes the most incredible and surreal volcanic area in East Java. In this volcanic mountain, there is also the sulfur mining, regarding that the mountain is still active and produce the nature sulfur. In here, we can see the sulfur miners that collect and carry huge loads of pure sulfur up from the crater floor along a steep, rocky path in the middle of clouds of sulfur dioxide gas. They did it as their living hood. Particularly, Ijen volcanic mountain is consider as the home to the largest lake of sulfuric acid in the world. The lake can produce 36 Million cubic meter representing a solution of sulfuric acid and hydrogen chloride, the most powerful existing acids.

Raung Mountain

Administratively, Raung Mountain is located in Banyuwangi, Jember and Bondowoso. This Mountain settled in eastern end of Java Island and it has 3.332 meter above sea level and it has caldera for 500 m deep. Raung Mountain is an active volcano and the exotic of this Mountain is can be seen from Lovina beach, Bali. Raung is part of Ijen Mountain complex, together with Suket Mt, Pendil Mt, Rante Mt and Merapi Mt.

Blawan Waterfall

Near to Ijen crater there is Blawan waterfall that also popular among local or foreign tourists. This waterfall in located in Kalianyar village, Sempol sub-district, Bondowoso. Blawan waterfall is a downstream from Pahit rivet, which is seepage of Ijen crater that filled with sulfur and surrounded by lush vegetation macadamia. The interesting about this waterfall is the estuary that flows directly into the ground like Niagara Falls in the United States and it will ultimately lead in the area Asembagus Situbondo. The road to Blawan waterfall is very challenging with the way of up and down the stairs between two cliffs.

Jampit Coffee Plantation

Jampit Coffee Plantation or The Arabica Coffee Garden Tourism object is belongs to BUMN PT Perkebunan XXVI that located in Bondowoso Regency, East Java. It has 4,000 hectares, and 900 heights above sea level. It is about 57km east of Bondowoso city. While the visitors can watch and enjoy the beautiful scenery around the field, they also can refreshing their mind from the busy day during the daily routine. The visitors can witness the processes of gardening, such aspicking the coffee seed, selecting coffee, drying the coffee seeds and the process of milling coffee seeds that produces Arabica Instant Coffee with significant taste and nice fragrance.

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