Have Your Nearest Escape to Batu,The City of Apple

Batu city is located 800 meters above sea level and it has a cold and cool temperatures around 17 to 25.6 degrees Celsius, because it surrounded by mountains. Kota Batu is a city with abundance of beauty, where the major potential is coming from the producer of fruit and vegetables. Moreover, the charm of nature such as mountains and hills around the city has become the tourism potential that always been visited by tourist during the weekend or great holidays.

As one of the most visited cities in East Java, and one of the most reachable destination from Surabaya, Batu city has numbers of destination that you better do not missed, either from the nature sightseeing and the amusement parks. Furthermore, Batu today is become merrier by plenty of brand new destinations that mostly visited by either local tourist, tourist outside Batu or even foreign people.

The destinations that can be visited during your journey to Batu are:


Selecta is great garden which has thousand flowers ground with many colors inside. The scenery, the weather and the atmosphere is suitable for great holiday for the whole family. The sightseeing is about the flowers colorful land and refreshing smell. The atmosphere is totally completed by the cold fresh air and pollutant free. The facilities are about the wide range parking lot, flowering market, pet market, souvenir market, giant fish aquarium, swimming pool, and children play ground. The visitor feel free to capture the moment by photographing every corner of Selecta’s spot.

Kusuma Agrotourism

Kusuma agrotourism is located in Ngaglik village, Batu. This agrotourism is a complete package that offers shopping facilities, family recreation and natural beauty in one location. Kusuma agro stands on an area of 17 hectares and is allowed for visitors to pick apples straight from the tree, as much as they want. Not only apples, the visitors are allowed picking citrus fruit as an alternative option. While visiting this agro, visitors will experience a valuable experience, where they can enjoy the green apple plantations, coffee, strawberries, vegetables and even a flower garden.

Jatim Park

Jawa Timur Park or betterk known as Jatim Park 1 is one of the attractions in Batu in the form of amusement park, which resemble a recreational vehicle and education for families. Jatim Park is located at 20 Km from Kota Malang and has become one of East Java's official tourism icon, with 36 rides including Spinning Coaster, Drop Zone, a pool, a haunted house, the house plumbing and much more. Jatim Park is located on the eastern slope of mountain Panderman, covering an area of 11 hectares with an altitude of 850m above sea level. The recreational vehicle is supported by the presence of three new rides every year. When we visiting this park, we will enjoy the fun and natural beauty around Jatim Park and the chilling Batu city in general.

Batu Secret Zoo

Batu Secret Zoo is an official site of Jawa Timur Park or Jatim Park 2 that located in Batu city, East Java. Batu Secret Zoo is a modern zoo, complete with the high architectural design and numbers of animals’ collection. This zoo is can be accessed for about 30n minutes from Malang city or 90 minutes from Surabaya. Moreover, this location is also near to other recreational park, which is Batu Night Spectacular or BNS.

Batu Night Spectacular

BNS or Batu Night Spectacular is one of tourism attractions in Batu city. Located in 30 KM on western part of Malang city or 30 minutes drive from Malang. Regarding the name, Batu Night Spectacular is open daily for night tourism attractive, it opens from 15.00 PM until 02.00 AM. Hence, for those who want to spend the night enjoying the different nuance and fresh air in Batu, BNS is highly recommended to be visited.

Museum Angkut

Museum Angkut or Museum Angkut Plus Movie Star Studio is one of amusement parks in Batu city, East Java. It can be reached for approximately 50 minutes from the city of Malang or 120 minutes from Surabay. Museum Angkut is kind of Transportation Museum and this is under the same group with Jatim Park, Batu Secret Zoo and Batu Night Spectacular. The main attraction of this museum is a collection of various historical cars and vehicles from past to present. There are several sets of themes are available to take pictures, such as Batavia, Europe (Buckingham) and America (Hollywood, Las Vegas, Broadway). There is also a dining area of Floating Market, where we can find numbers of traditional food to western food.

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