Sinjai District also offers variety of natural destinations. One of favorite destinations in Sinjai is Saukang Lembang Waterfall that located in Saukang Village. To reach the location of this waterfall, you need to take approximately 45 minutes from the direction of the city of Sinjai to Saukang Village.

Saukang Lembang Waterfall has a structure of rock that resembles seven levels, so the splash of water that is generated from the rock presents its own beauty. However, related to post-flash floods that hit Sinjai District in 2006 ago, now the structure of the rocks leaves about three levels only. Due to changes in the structure of the rocks after the disaster, the waterfall which was formerly called "Seven Levels" is now renamed Saukang Lembang Waterfall.

To enter the area attraction of Saukang Lembang Waterfall, visitor is charged parking fee of 3,000 Rupiah for motor and 10,000 Rupiah for car.

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