Located not far from Tabebuya Park, Jagakarsa, South Jakarta, Spathodea Park is also a favorite place of residents for recreation. The most favored privilege of Spathodea Park is its shabby contour like a hill. With this form of staircase, Spathodea Park is often used for sports such as jogging, badminton, or trying out the gym equipment at the outdoor gym facilities provided. Spathodea Park is very convenient to exercise. Besides the trajectory is good, this park also provides many shady trees.

Playing in this park is also safe, no longer afraid of the dangers of motorcycles or passing cars. Playground in Spathodea Park is comfortable, so the children also feel comfortable to linger in this park. Indeed, there are various free facilities in this park which is located near the residential complex. There are a jogging track, fish pond, outdoor gym, playground for children and so forth. The average visitors in Spathodea Park are the families who brought their children. There are also seen a group of young people who come complete with their sports uniforms.

It is worth noting that Spathodea Park is only open at 05.00 a.m - 06.00 p.m. Outside of that time, the park is not operating and all the gates are closed. Spathodea Park is located in Jl. Kebagusan Raya, Jagakarsa, South Jakarta. For those of you who want to ride public transport, you can ride Mikrolet M17 with Pasar Minggu - Lenteng Agung.

Article Source: travel.kompas.com