The eastern Indonesia, even though it is quite far from the central government of Indonesia in Java Island, has so many attractions tourist can happily explore. The beauty of its culture as well as its tourism objects hold the potential to complete others tourist destinations in Indonesia. One of the exotic yet very beautiful beach amongst other beaches in West Papua is Yen Beba beach. The unique name of this beach can be translated into ‘White Sand’. As the matter of fact, that name is used for this beach due to its sand’s characteristic which is white. Many people call this beach as the piece of heaven. Outspread along 500 meters, its white sand along with the calm tidal waves, will give you the calm vibe to unwind your stress. Do come here during the sunny day because you will get the picturesque panorama that will spoil your eyes with both the blue sea and blue sky. The best news about this beautiful beach is its easy access. One factor that makes this beach crowded is its location. Not far from the city center, Yen Baba beach suits to be the picnic destination for spending your quality time with either your family or friends. That would be unforgettable perfect holiday. Furthermore, this heavenly beach is actually situated near the historical island called Mansinam. Therefore, the tourists are not only able to explore the beauty of the Yen Beba beach but also visit the Mansinam island which became the gate of modern world civilization through the two Europe missionaries, Ottow and Gaissler. Do not worry about the meal, there are stalls that provide various tasty food you can opt. It takes at least 10 to 15 minutes from the city center to Yen Beba beach. You can use your own private car, public transportation, or even rent a car. Easy and full of joy holiday make your day off worth to spend.