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    The Invigorating Sidem Beach

    Sidem beach, another beach attraction which you can explore while you are visiting Tulungagung or its surrounding. Situated at Besole village, Basuki, Tulungagung, East Java, this beach is about 2 km long from Popoh beach which has been known by tourists. Therefore, unlike Popoh beach, Sidem beach appears to be quitter and more natural since not many people know this beach just yet. Nevertheless, the attraction will never cease you to get and to enjoy your vacation. Its precise location at over the hills enables the visitor not only to enjoy the beach view, but also to feel the greeny forest. Thus when the visitor should take a walk to head to this Sidem beach, they will enjoy the trip. Never be boring will be the best atmosphere you can get during your trip. In dry season, that teak forest will drop its brown leaves. That becomes another attraction to witness. Wanna get a best view of the ocean from the higher point of view? You can go to the top of the hill. Greet the ocean from there will make you realize how beautiful this beach. Another view you can get is the fisherman with their boat. Besides that, the brownish white sand along with the birdsong may give you more energy to face the other busy days in front. Having a vacation will incomplete without creating new memories with photo, this picturesque Sidem beach will definitely add your holiday trip photo collection. Donít hesitate to take many photo as you want. Moreover, various fish menus from the fisherman are ready for you to taste. Due to its location where takes place at over the hill, it can be hard task to give you the precise detail of the route. But the Google Maps technology will guide you there. Do follow what the Google Maps says, and you will be there safe. Thing should be noted is you have to use your own private vehicle, preferably the manual one due to the track condition.

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