For those who are looking to recharge and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul, the best way to do it is to unwind at the presence of Grafika Cikoleís natural greenery. Situated around the beautiful and lush pine forest, Tangkuban Perahu Km. 8, Cikole, Lembang, West Java, this spot was designated to offer the best gateway to enjoy the beauty of nature as well as to enjoy the gathering with beloved ones such as family, friends, and colleague. The cool atmosphere is indeed becoming the other attractions of this area. During the day, it can reach 20 degrees Celsius, while during the night you have to prepare the thick jacket since it can reach around 5 degrees Celsius. No wonder due to its location is in 1400 meters above the sea level.

Firstly concepted only as restaurant and hotel, the management then established the area to be the tourist station which consist of some attractions to explore. Wanna stay and enjoy the natural atmosphere to refresh the mind? Terminal Wisata Grafika Cikole provides three kind of lodgings you can freely choose, and of course each option has its own uniqueness. Those three are hotel, camping, and Pondok Wisata Alam. Particularly for the Pondok Wisata Alam, the visitors are able to feel the sensation for being in the Hobbit house. Designated as similar as the hobbitís house in the movie Lord of The Rings with the village-like-atmosphere, you can invite another 5 members to join you to stay in this house. If you want to indulge yourself at a hotel, Grafika Hotel provides eight rooms which consist of 2 people each room. Then the last option, and perhaps will offer you the best natural yet joy moment during your vacation is Camping. Two options offered by the Grafika Cikole: Family Camping and Big Camping. What makes those two different is the size and capacity of the tent. Donít worry!! You donít need to pack your camping stuff because all is ready to use.

Having a gathering with beloved ones will not complete without anything fun doing. Outbound seems to be the best fun and pleasurable activity to be done. That is the reason this Terminal Wisata Grafika Cikole provides outbound site to be tried. For regular outbound, you can try flying fox, paintball, and passing some challenges. Another kind of outbound is Classified Outbound: Children Outbound, School Outbound, and Adult Outbound. It enables the visitors for all ages to enjoy and explore the fun during their unwind activity.

Just like having fun, tasting the culinary turns to be enriching experience during the trip. 5 restaurants are built to satisfy the visitors taste. Those are Restoran Sunda, Restoran Sangkuriang, Aula Dayang Sumbi, Pendopo Hutan, and Saung Lesehan. As the name suggested, Restoran Sunda serves the best Sunda menus for its customers. Approximately 200 people can enjoy the Sunda menus while enjoying the live music. The more exclusive restaurant is Restoran Sangkuriang. The capacity of this restaurant is 120 people. The excellent service, the design, and delicious Chinese and sea food menus, this Sangkuriang is so representative for the foreigners. Next is Aula Dayang Sumbi. The main function of this restaurant is to serve the large number of people who come together to get their meal. 600 people can enjoy the menus and the traditional West Java atmosphere here. For the visitors who choose to stay in Pondok Wisata Alam, Pendopo Hutan is an open restaurant surrounded by the pine forest to be enjoyed. Usually it also can be used to do the pre-wedding photo session. The last one for tasting the delicious menus within this Grafika Cikole area is Saung Lesehan. Concepted like a house in a green field like what the farmer usually uses to take a rest becomes the mainly concept of this restaurant. There are two kinds of Saung namely small Saung which consists of 4 people and big Saung for approximately 20 people. While enjoying the meal, the visitors will hear the fresh water flow from the mini waterfall near this area. And there are some playground for the kids as well.