Nowadays, other than beach, waterfall turns to be a new attraction that many people are keen to visit. One of the beautiful waterfalls named Madakaripura waterfall, which is located in Probolinggo, offers its visitor to get the relaxing nature and invigorating vacation. Mentioned as the highest waterfall in Java Island, Madakaripura waterfall is the second highest waterfall in Indonesia right below si Gura-gura waterfall in North Sumatera. Taking place in the area of Mount Bromo, this waterfall is included to the list of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park site. Thus, the tourist now has more choices to spend their holiday within this area. People around call Madakaripura waterfall as the perennial waterfall due to the flow of its water. As the matter of fact, its waterís flow never stops even during the long dry season.

Situated at Negororejo village, Lumbang, Probolinggo, East Java, the tourists can easily reach Madakaripura waterfall either by their private transportation or public transportation. The trip heads to Madakaripura waterfall will never be boring. Enjoying the view around is kind of must-thing-to-do. Arriving to the spot, the common thing of what tourists do is adoring the view and the vibe of its nature. This will suit to those who would like to release the stress over the urban activities and busy work during the weekdays. As stated previously, invigorating vacation enable you to refresh your mind as well as recharge your energy. Of course, taking pictures and creating memories cannot be missed.

To get the best moment during the visit, preparation is such an imperative issue to be noted. Some little things which perhaps help you to make your visit at Madakaripura waterfall going well: donít forget to bring your raincoat and plastic pouch to avoid the wet, choose the right time such as during the dry season and before 2 p.m., and donít bring too many stuffs since it will be kind of troublesome during the trip. One information you should have to take a mental note is around Madakaripura waterfall there are many shops which sell the original honey. The local cultivates the honey bee to produce the original honey which you can bring home as the gift. In addition, several souvenirs such as T-shirt, keychain, and many more are also sold there.

How to get there
When you are starting your journey from Surabaya, you have to go to Probolinggo through Sidoarjo Ė Porong Ė Pasuruan. It takes for about 3 hours long. Then after you arrive at Tongas intersection, you have to go right and continue the trip to Lumbang. After that, you will find another intersection. At this moment, you have to take the left to Madakaripura waterfall. Reaching the actual destination which is Madakaripura waterfall, you have to take a walk for about 20 minutes. That is the reason you may consider to take as less as possible your stuff during the trip.