Banda archipelago which located in Banda Sea are actually consisting some islands such as Banda Neira, Gunung Api, Banda Besar, Keraka, Sjahrir Island, Hatta Island, and Ai Island that offer an incredible beauty of nature. No wonder people call it as the hidden paradise, the visitors will be more amaze to the underwater view which is one of the best attraction for those who love snorkeling and scuba diving. Situated in the province of Maluku, previously, Banda was known as the home of herb and spice in Indonesia. Yet now, it also one of the most-recommended tourist destinations both from domestic and international visitors.

Even though it is comprising of dozens small volcanic islands, yet the visitors are offered the memories they will never forget. That is due to the breathtaking marine park that also is mentioned as one of the great and spectacular marine parks in the world. The very natural bright red coral reefs and million colorful fish will welcome you once you get to their beautiful territory. The crystal-clear ocean unveils the hidden underwater paradise will definitely be unavoidable and unforgettable. Hence, when you are lucky, the happily jumping dolphins will also greet you.

Besides the well-known of its diving and snorkeling destination, the island arounds Banda Archipelago also owns beautiful beaches with its white and clean sand like what the visitors can witness in Naika Island and Banda Besar Island. Meanwhile, Gunung Api Island offers the visitors to do trekking and witness either sunrise and sunset which perhaps be one of the alternative activities during the visit to Banda Archipelago or do sailing with boat for having the incredible ocean view both from its surface and the underwater. That must be very enriching vacation.

As the former colonial area, Banda Archipelago keeps their ancient buildings and fortresses left by the colonial to mark their long and historical story. The best sensation to explore and enjoy the trip in Banda Archipelago is by staying on the ship for seven to fourteen days full. By doing that, you are going to be more flexible to travel from one location to another. Therefore, there are many inns, hotels, and resorts which are provided to indulge your trip in the bigger islands in Banda Archipelago. The best way to reach Banda Archipelago is heading to Ambon first, and then you are able to rent a plane or choose ferry to Bandaneira.