The atmosphere of village becomes one of the unique attractions to be offered to the traveler. During the visit, they are able to explore and learn something new which will expand their knowledge and horizon. Therefore, the villagers also own their opportunity to introduce their culture as well as earn money from the visitors.

Sawai Village, which is known as the oldest village in Maluku, will complete your exciting journey when you decide to visit Maluku, to be precise it is in Southeast Maluku. As the oldest village in Southeast Maluku, Sawai has already owned its history. Yet there is one special thing you are able to discover in this village, a river. What makes this river special is due to the little probability you will ever encounter this sort of river in other area. Called as the river ceramics, all the side of this river is built from ceramics such as its base and its river bank. That is awesome and worth to be visited. Thus, for better imagination, you may imagine that as the longest swimming pool along the village. Even though, the villagers use the river to do their activities such as bathing or washing, they always put their effort to keep it clean and clear.

Moreover, as Sawai Villages is directly adjacent to the coast, it also offers the visitors to witness the coral reef under the clear and beautiful sea not far from the village. Enjoying the tranquility of the village as well as adoring the beautiful surrounding will result to the invigorating experience you may want to repeat. Besides that, the visitors are also able to do trekking to the Bendera Hill. The mesmerizing view from the top of the hill is definitely one of things you should not miss.

As previously stated, getting a chance to know more about the culture and habit of the local people may be one of the interesting activities. Mostly, the local people are fisherman and farmer. There is one tradition in catching fish called as Kalawai. For the farmer, they plant various fruits. Visit this oldest village in Southeast Maluku, discover its beauty, and feel the vibe of it.