Culture becomes one of the factors which attract tourist to decide where they would like to spend their holiday. Indonesia is a multicultural country with a lot of diversities. One of famous tribes in Indonesia is Javanese. Exploring certain culture has its own mark to be learned. Ullen Sentalu which is located at Plemburan 10, Kaliurang, Yogyakarta is a private museum that was established to exhibit the Javanese culture and art. Managing by Ulating Blencong Foundation, it was initiated by Haryono family in 1994.

As the recreational and education site for the visitors in learning the Javanese culture, there will be a professional tour guide who will guide and explain about all the detail in the museum. The museum itself is devided into several rooms. The first is Ruang Seni and Gamelan which stores a set of gamelan collection. Furthermore, Guwo Selo Giri which is turned to be the exhibition room for the important figures in Mataram dynasty. Kambang village is divided into five parts which displays a collection of batik, poetry, and GRKay’s live album.

Unlike the other museums, Ullen Sentalu which takes place in the slope of Merapi Mount offers a different vibe. The cool atmosphere will bring you to the fresh and invigorating feeling that is far from being boring. A rich culture of Javanese may wow you to adore it and absolutely will enrich your horizon about the culture in Java.

After attending a tour of the museum, visitors can enjoy a variety of delicious dishes in the restaurant Beukenhof which has a gothic architecture. Some of the recommended dishes are Lobster Thermidor, Breaded Chicken Tender, and Glazed Lamb Rack. The dish was delicious, beautiful place and beautiful nature will surely make the dining sessions became more enjoyable.

Visit this beautiful museum while learn the Javanese culture!!