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    Biggest Theme Park in Indonesia - Jungleland

    JungleLand Adventure Theme Park is located in Sentul Nirwana, Sentul City – Bogor. Claimed as the largest Theme Park in Indonesia, it provides more than 33 plays and some performances which can be enjoyed every day. Along with those entertainment offered for all ages, the visitor can taste the various both food and snack from various cafés and restaurants. The luxury concept is designed to satisfy the visitor who happily spend the holiday either with family or friends. Suggesting the fantastic adventure, JungleLand is divided into three unique zones which obviously vary from one to another. Those zones are Carnivalia, Mysteria, and Tropicalia.

    Come and feel a lot of fun in experiencing JungleLand Adventure Theme Park!!

    How to Get There:

    For those who bring their own car from Jakarta, you can get to JungleLand through Jagorawi highway and then heading out through the gate of Sentul City highway. From that gate, you have to turn left and go straight by following the sign direction. Otherwise, you can choose to go through the alternative lane. It starts from exit gate of Sirkuit Sentul highway and then you can turn right following the Babakan Madang Street. Then you will find Sentul Nirwana.

    If you opt to go to JungleLand with public transportation, you can use Trans Pakuan heading to Bellanova from Bogor. Angkot T-05 aimed to Bubulak Laladon - Sentul from Sentul will also stop in Bellanova. Then from Bellanova, there is free shuttle bus which operates from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. to JungleLand.

    Selecting to use train is also possible to visitors. You can start from Bogor railway station and find green “angkot” with a code 03 which head to Bubulak – Baranang Siang. Stopping at Trans Pakuan Botani Square station, you can continue to use Trans Pakuan bus to Botani Square – Mall Bellanova.

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    ingin tahu harga tiket nya berapa?

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