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    The Longest Flying Fox in Indonesia, Taman Beach

    Pacitan has potentially to be another an exciting tourism place in East Java. One of the well-visited places is Taman Beach which takes place in Hadiwarno village of Ngadirojo district. It may become your right destination to splendidly freshen your mind from the crowd and busy days. Enjoying the breathtakingly view of the sea as well as challenging your gut to ride the longest flying fox in Indonesia is what Taman Beach offers to you. Located in the former president of Indonesia homeland, Taman Beach gives the new sensation to ride the flying fox. Unlike the customary flying fox, this-so-called the longest flying fox will make you have an eyegasm. The amazing wide open blue sea as well as the sky, the green view from the trees, the white sand’s beach and definitely the heart pounding resulted from the ride will create new and ecstatic experience. 74 m in height and 415 long wire are possibly more than enough to change your heart rate into rush. The safety check can weight till 4409 pound. This flying fox spot has been officially opened since early September 2013. Don’t forget to bring along your selfie-stick to capture the beauty of Taman Beach – Pacitan and your joyful memory of being in the longest flying fox in Indonesia either.

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