Inna Dharma Deli Hotel

About Us

Inna Dharma Deli Hotel, the members of Hotel Indonesia Group plays a very important role because of its location at Zero Point Medan city, has witnessed the growth of the city until now. In addition this international event may be said to be a pioneer to other similar activities, thanks to access to property owned Hotel Indonesia Group are spread throughout the country, so as the official hotel, Hotel Indonesia Group should offer hospitality archipelago for tourists and sportsmen at a destination.
Inna Dharma Deli Hotel has been established since 1898 by Herman De Boer. As the first hotel in Sumatra, Inna Dharma Deli guests often become a haven country and the royal family. Hotel with a capacity of 130 rooms consisting of various types from standard to suites feature a classic modern design. Inna Dharma Deli tourists can easily enjoy the potential tourism in North Sumatra ranging from exotica Leuser National Mountain Park, magical Lake Toba, majestic Sipiso-piso waterfall, as well as a variety of tourist destinations are not counted in and around of Medan.