The capital city of East Kalimantan, Balikpapan, is a gate of those who would like to do things in this province. As a result, Balikpapan has become the place many tourists want to visit and to explore the beauty of Kalimantan, particularly East Kalimantan. Various tourist destinations offer its charm to be adored. One of those is Melawai Beach that is popular of being the place of the youngsters to spend their quality time. The other reasons why this Melawai Beach becomes popular are due to its location which is easily reached and the typical view of Balikpapan that reflects what Balikpapan is.

Melawai Beach situated at Pelabuhan Semayang street, Parapatan, Balikpapan, East Kalimantan. None of local citizen does not know about the existence of this beach. Therefore, it can be mentioned as one of the icons in Balikpapan. As the reflection of Balikpapan itself, the activities happened around Melawai Beach and the building can be best representative for tourist to enrich their knowledge about this city.

The incredible beach and sea view indeed turn to be a personís favorite place both to release the stress from the full-weekdays work and to spend their time to gather with beloved ones like family and friends. The simple activities such as chatting, taking photo, or just stay still to feel the shooting breeze from the sea are things which people can do to get their energy back. In addition, the local also functions this area of Melawai Beach to do sport like jogging. Then, you can go play banana boat and flying fox to get the more fun. What an invigorating and enriching vacation this beach can offer.

As the matter of fact in which this beach is located near a port, there are various sort of ships both in shape and in size that provide you another view to witness. Along with that, the crowd of traffic will be heard to complete the vibe of this Malawai Beach. Buildings like offices, hotels, cafes, are easily discovered for those who have a business or want to get the accommodation to indulge.

Melawai Beach is literally not a beach that has white sand, otherwise bordered by rocks and coral this beach is the border line between the sea and the land. Combined by the sea view and busy road will bring something new to refresh the mind. Furthermore, the stunning sunset of Melawai Beach is the most awaited scenery for the visitors because geographically East Kalimantan is situated in the very east of Kalimantan Island in which it is hard to witness the sunset. Yet, Melawai Beach offers different charm that its visitors are able to admire not only the sunrise but also the sunset. Hence, the romantic dinner is another gift from Melawai Beach.

The unique view is actually not only the mesmerizing attraction of Melawai Beach. With the lovely and delightful twinkling lights and wonderful ocean waves, the night outing could be the most favorite ambiance. Tasting the variety of snacks from the food vendors or cafes around the beach will definitely make you want to stay longer. Those food vendors or cafes are designed to make the visitors comfortable and enjoy their moment in best. Other facilities are the long parking lot, karaoke room, sport arena, bank, and hospital. Do come and note this incredible yet unique beach in your bucket list to be visited.

How to get there

To reach this Melawai Beach, you can use either private vehicle or public transportation. For the public transportation, in Balikpapan they use number as the code, do find number 6 to get here. Finding this beach is actually not a problem since it is not far from the city center of Balikpapan. It is about 3 km and can be reached for approximately 10 to 15 minutes long.