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    Toroan Waterfall, The Water That Directly Stream Into The Ocean

    Toroan waterfall, is another small hidden paradise that lies in Ketapangdaya Village, Madura island. Toroan waterfall is the only waterfall in Madura, and it become a particular. The particular is coming from the way of the waterfall flows directly to the ocean, precisely, Java Ocean. It has only 10 Meters high and the fall is quite high that make such a lagoon within the rocks.

    During the high tides, the entire area is covered by sea water and that makes the waterfall is pouring down into the ocean. Before the visitors reach out the location, they will be enjoying the village nuance. The visitors can find the green hilly up on the high and the blue Java ocean in down side.

    It might the coolest area in Madura, regarding the dry and dull weather in the lowland. The situation is also calm and quite, there are some tobacco plants on either side belong to the local inhabitants and some agriculture plants like maize or yams.
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    Зайчьи уши на

    Очень интересно, зачем девушка одела зайчьи уши на голову?

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