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    Gapang Beach - The Beauty in The Edge of Northern of Indonesia, Weh Island

    Aceh is one of the areas in the archipelago which is a multiethnic society with the characteristic of Islam. Aceh is a special region in Indonesia, which is located at the northern tip of Sumatra Island. Aceh also has tourism potential which is growing . One of the great tourism objects is Gapang Beach which is located in Weh Island, Sabang City. Gapang Beach can be one of the marine tourism destinations during you visit to the NAD.

    Gapang Beach in Pulau Weh is a small village right on a small beach. Right in front of the beach area you can swim out around 50 meters and there is some great reef diving at an area called House Reef. Many of the marine life mentioned above can be seen at House Reef. Facilities available at the beach Gapang like cafe, dive shop, snorkeling equipment rental and bungalows. Mostly the tourists who come shore Gapang snorkeling usually do activities, swimming, recreation and photography.

    Gapang Beach is the destination that you must visit when they travel to Aceh. Sabang itself is the largest city on the island of Weh located on the north through the east. With capital bagful time, Gapang Beach is the perfect destination vacation pleasure at the western edge of Indonesia. Why is this beautiful beach called Gapang, apparently linked to the soaring trees that stood right on the edge of a clean beach that name Gapang tree. There are around 6 restaurats located in this village and a few bungalows to rent. For divers the best place to stay is at Lumba Lumba Dive Centre. With large bangalows for 30 Euros per night or small rooms with a balcony and bathroom for 18 Euros per night.

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    For backpackers, this is also time to have stopped spinning for them. The backpackers have the option of various price and accommodation ranging from common houses or bungalows with exotic wood wall worth of 80.000 rupiah. There is also a divers resort which also has a good for those who have a hobby to diving which is around 250,000 rupiah. To reach the Gapang beach then you can depart from Sabang or Balohan Port by using rented vehicles which is usually boarded some travelers or you can also get there by using public transportation. Gapang Beach can also takes about 1 hour and passes through the Zero Kilometre Monument of Sabang. You can save the budget if you go there in group, with only 50,000 rupiah per person. The travel to Weh island is very exciting due to passing the way up and down the hill and along the banks of the beautiful beaches. While on the hill, you can enjoy views of the beach and the beautiful little island.
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    Indeed, Indonesia is known for having such a beautiful beach at their home.

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