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    Enjoy Diving and Snorkeling at Rubiah Island of Aceh

    Rubiah Island is a small island just of the coast of the famous Pulau Weh island north of Banda Aceh. Around this small 26 hectare island is beautiful underwater paradise. If you descend from the island into the water it is like you are stepping into a big aquarium with so many colorful fishes and coral.

    This island is perfect for those who want to go diving or snorkeling. If you are not comfortable going underwater you can hire a glass bottom boat and enjoy it as well. There are also may tropical fishes like gigantic clams, angel fishes, school of parrot fishes, lion fishes, and many others making this underwater world even more fascinating.

    You don’t need to bring your own equipment as you can rent it close-by cheaply. Snorkeling gear would cost just IDR 40,000 per person for a day. Renting a glass bottom boat for couple hours would cost around IDR 150,000.

    If you need diving or snorkeling equipment you can find it easy but besides that there is not much to do here. There are no hotels or guesthouses and there is only one small cafe which opens in the morning and closes at night. The island is pretty much uninhabited, which is a good things as it’s still natural and attracts lots of foreign tourists.

    How to get there:

    You can use ferry or speedboat from Banda Aceh heading to Pulau Weh or often called Sabang. The ferry will takes 90 minutes and the fare is IDR 30,000 per person. The speedboat will only take 45 minutes and the fare is IDR 50,000 per person. Upon arrival at Sabang you will need another 30 minutes to take you to Rubiah Island by boat.

    Source: http://indonesiatravelmagazine.com/
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    so good, I want to dive into the sea and touch the coral like her. Be prepared to go there.
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    So awesome island and so good things it have to get fun. Blue water is one of the best attraction and so good photos you shared of that awesome island.

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    Cukup artikel yang baik, terima kasih untuk berbagi iklan.

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    Iam preparing to go there.

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    not mean to be rude, but should we use hijab when we dive, and a full body cloth? because i heard if we dont use jijab we can get whip by the local officer.

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    i love this place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skr1107 View Post
    i love this place.
    What town did you visit here?
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    I want to dive into the sea, Blue water is one of the best attraction and so good photos you shared of that awesome island.

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