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    Spectaculer Sunset View in Gundaling Hill, Berastagi - North Sumatra

    Spectaculer Sunset

    Gundaling Hill is a 1575 meter hill in Berastagi in Sumatra, Indonesia. As Berastagi itself is already 1300 meters above sea level, the height of Gundaling hill is only about 200-300 meters above the town. From the top of Gundaling Hill, one can get a panoramic view of Berastagi, although often the souvenir stalls on Gundaling Hill block the otherwise marvellous view.

    Gundaling Hill, just 2 kilometer out of Berastagi offers spectacular sunset views looking towards Gunung Sinabung. Views from a high ledge of a hill capture the sun gradually going down behind clouds and the volcano.
    For the best sunset viewpoint and great views across to Gunung Sinabung, head to Gundaling. Gundaling is the name of the small hill you can see from many parts of town where locals go to picnic, ngopi (drink coffee) and canoodle.

    From the top of the hill there are fantastic views across the centre of town towards distance mountains, market gardens and even towards the recently eruptive Gunung Sinabung. Most foreign visitors choose to walk to the top of Gundaling from the northern monument in town. From there it's about an hour's walk take one of the roads to the left at the northern monument and follow it towards the hill and you'll get there. Opelets also make the journey for 3,000 rupiah and are a preferred method for descending after a hike to the top.

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    Welcome to Gundaling Hill Berastagi!

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    beautiful !!!

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    a very cool sunset.

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    very beautiful


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