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    Drugstore, Mail Service, Facsimile and Taxi Service


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    In the vicinity of Bromo Cottages Hotel, there are some Hindhu Villages that are definity worth visiting. By bus you will go to Ngadiwono. Here you have the chance to walk through this typical Tengger Villages. Furthermore, you will get an insight into Tenggerese Hindhu belief and how the Tengger people live and work in their daily life.

    Driving along this road, you can also see people're working in the fields and you will experience the beautiful views of the mountain.

    Please see below for further information:

    Reservation :
    Bromo Cottages Hotel
    Tosari, Pasuruan 67177, East Java Indonesia
    Phone : 0343 - 571222 (hunting) Fax : 0343-571333

    Surabaya Office
    Phone 031-8978888
    Fax. 031-8975788
    Email : info@bromocottages.com
    Website: http://bromocottages.com/

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