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    The Grotto Thousand Harau

    Thousand Harau Nagari Grotto is one of the beauty that is owned by Indonesia, precisely in the region LUHAK Fifty West Sumatra Province and for the time being entered in the area of the City District Government of Fifty (about an hour's drive from the city of Bukittinggi in the direction Payakumbuh, the location of the nearest town from this region)

    If you come to the Grotto Thousand Harau, guaranteed you will be enchanted by the beauty of God's creation that makes us feel very small, no nothing. With high cliffs looming, that's the famous Valley Harau. And far away after we passed the cliffs ... there is still another stunning beauty, with views of green rice fields and villages surrounded by cliffs simple, you'll feel as one with nature. That's where we manage a variety of activities to forge and strengthen self silaturrahim using methods closer to nature. Outbound, tracking, camping, and try to implement environmentally friendly agriculture. Trying to introduce the arts and culture and intermingling with people outside Nagari Thousand Grotto with various forms of art, documenting for maintaining biodiversity and a variety of activities that are beneficial for us to learn more about nature and motivated to keep it for the continuation of human dignity.

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    The Grotto Thousand Harau Map

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    It is great place but is mostly suitable for adventure lover. Mountains are the main beauty of this spots. Water falls, forest, wild animals and other valuable things increase its natural beauty. People growth their crops behind of this great mountains and land over here is very fertilized.

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    Indonesia Welcoming The World

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    [IMG] [/IMG]
    Indonesia Welcoming The World

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    Pretty much i want to go


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    @sunshine lovely photos, this looks great!

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