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    Bintan Resorts, Riau Islands - Indonesia

    Situated less than an hour away via comfortable catamarans from the modern and culturally vibrant city of Singapore, Bintan Resorts is located on the largest of Indonesia's enchanting Riau islands in the South China Sea. Experience endless beaches, a wide variety of international-class resorts, and a refreshing host of tropical holiday activities. Discover a holiday within a holiday, when you visit Singapore and Bintan Resorts today!

    “Bintan Resorts” refers generally to the area on the entire northern coast of the Indonesian Island of Bintan which is master-planned and managed by PT Bintan Resorts Cakrawala. There are currently five independently owned and operated beach resorts, four designer golf courses, as well as a range of recreational facilities and attractions located within it.

    Things To Do

    The Bintan Usahatama is a miniature Go-Kart race-track that boasts of up to 17-UK imported Go-Karts, each retro-fitted with a miniature engine that runs on petrol. Speed up to 50km per hour as you navigate your way through winding tracks and bumper tyres.

    Note: Visitors have to be at least 1.4 metres in height in order to engage in the activity.

    The "All-Terrain Vehicle" (ATV) refers to a small open motorised buggy designed for off-road use. The 4-wheeled versions are most commonly called "quads," "four-wheelers" or "ATVs" in the United States and Canada, and "quad bikes" or "quad cycles" in other English-speaking countries.

    Available at Nirwana Resort Hotel and Angsana Resort & Spa Bintan respectively, visitors to Bintan Resorts can now get a chance to experience what it is like to ride through the rough and rugged terrain in Bintan!

    source: newfoodie.blogspot.com

    source: karmatrendz.files.wordpress.com

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    This place is the perfect getaway place for honeymooners or family. I so love it that I am thinking of going to Indonesia this summer.

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    The place was amazing! I'd love to stay here!
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    amazing .hoping to go there soon

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