Trenggalek is one of regencies in East Java that located along the sea shore of south sea. Trenggalek has direct border with Ponorogo in north, Tulungagung in east, South sea in south and Pacitan in west. Most of the inhabitants in Trenggalek are farmers, with the main comodity of rice, maize, cassava, cloves, tobacco, durian and some other spices.

Historically, Trenggalek had been inhabited since pre-historic time, where there have been founded some proves like Menhir, Mortar, stone offering, stone grounding and more, and it spread around the area of regency.

Trenggalek has many of relaxing areas and it become tourism destination. In fact, Trenggalek has number of beautiful beaches and caves.

Damas Beach

Damas Beach is natural beach, located in Karanggandu village. This beach is located about 5 km south - west of Prigi. The local Goverment will develop this potential tourist objects by completed with representative facilities. This beach is suitable for swimming, surfing, sun bathing, beach volly, etc. It has a great scenery and beautiful waves that will refresh your mine. The visitor also can fishing here on a canoe with enjoy the sea air. This beach also equipped with hotels, merchants, etc. We can find some Trenggalek traditional foods here. It also interest the domestic and foreign tourists, they usually visit this beach when they had a holiday.

Lowo Cave

Lowo Cave (Guo Lowo) is located in Watuagung village, Watulimo district, about 30 km South East of Trenggalek city, on the way to Prigi Beach, Karanggongso Beach, Damas Beach. When the visitor have received by fresh air and the cool mountain with teak forest aroma, because the location of Lowo cave is surrounded by teak forest. From the park area to the cave, the road is split of teak forest. And when arrive at the mouth of the cave, the tourists welcomed by a wide cave room that looks like a hall. The cave roof is about 20-50 meters; the wide is about 50 meters. The cave wall is decorated by various kinds of panorama and decoration.

Blado Beach

Blado beach tourism object is located on south Trenggalek Regency, which is on village or Munjungan Regency, 47 Km to the southwest of Trenggalek regency. principally, Blado beach is commonly alike with any other beaches, facing forward to Hindia ocean, having great wave, having tidal flow and having steepness. Fortunately, this genuine beach is the most proper beach to surf. On the south side from this beach, there is a small island for swallow nests. As an potential tourism object, Blado beach is a promising marine tourism object.

Karanggoso Beach

Karanggongso beach is about 3 Km, east of Prigi. The beach is 1,5 Km long with its white sand, gullet and clear water which enables the tourists to take a bath. This beach is located in Tasikmadu village. This beach is facilitated with a cottage, a hotel and boats rental, including Hotel Prigi and a hotel belongs to the Regional Government cooperative. With its natural scenery around, Karanggongso Beach is suitable for the visitor to enjoy the sea air and the waves. There are big stones around the beach. The visitor can sit there, watch the waves and feel the wind. This beach is one of the beautiful beaches in Trenggalek regency that can attract both the domestic and foreign tourists.

Konang Beach

Konang beach tourism object is located on southern of Trenggalek Regency, Nglebeng village, Panggul suburb, Trenggalek, about 2 hours from east Pelang beach. Like any other marine tourism object which located on southern of Java island, Konang beach is kindly a tourism object with high risks warning, because it has great waves, tidal flow and steepness. Yet, Konang beach is also suitable for surfing sport.

Ngampiran Beach

Ngampiran beach is located on Tawing village, munjungan regency, about 4 Km to the east from Munjungan local government office or 50 Km of southwest from Trenggalek regency. Ngampiran beach is pure and having lovable white sand and commonly for vacation, but not for swimming because its steepness.

Pelang Beach

It is situated in Wonocoyo village, Panggul district, about 56 Km southwest of Trenggalek. This beach is still natural and well-known with its high waves. Not far from the beach (about 300 M) there is waterfall with 25 meters high. It is a place where people can take a bath intended to cure a certain disease and to make people stay young. Beside that, the visitors are also able to enjoy the beautiful coastal panorama from a small hill near the beach.

Prigi Beach

Prigi Beach is located in Tasikmadu village Watulimo district. It constitutes the most beautiful natural tourism object in Trenggalek regency and equipped with such facilities as Parking Area, Camping Site / Ground, Sport Center, Hotels, Restaurants, Etc. Beside to this Beach is a part of fish sale center. It can be reached by land transportation like buses and public van. Prigi Beach is known for its magnificient rock formations. The most attractive part of this beach is its Southwestern coast. It includes a main bay, used by fishing boats as a harbour. The beach is also the site of Larung Semboyo, a sea festival worth attending.

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