Sumber Ubalan Kalasan

This tourism object is 18 km from city of Kediri to the east, and located at Kalasan, Jarak village, Plosoklaten sub-district. Sumber Ubalan Kalasan recreation area is a natural swimming pool, which is believed as sacred place. People who live in surrounding areas of this object treat it as a Blessing Place, which will bring a good life for someone, to make life longer and to make things easier for those who are looking for a spouse. Ubalan area is a recreational place, which covers the area of 12 hectares including the camping arena.

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Kediri And Everything On It

Kediri Kediri, is still on one of East Java regencies. Settled near the famous river of Brantas River and identically being called as Cigarette city for here there is a well-known cigarette factory of PT.Gudang Garam Dates back to the ancient history, the early Kediri was emerge as Kadiri Kingdom. Kadiri kingdom was finally separated into two kingdoms; Jenggala Kingdom and Panjalu Kingdom. The famous King of Kediri was King Jayabaya, who is distinguished by his talent of Jangka Jayabaya, it was such a premonition for this country. After the…

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