Mojokerto, The City Of Ancient Land

Mojokerto is famous by its Trowulan ancient site and there will be many temples you can found here. Mojokerto is near to Lamongan and Gresik in north, Sidoarjo and Pasuruan in east, Malang and Batu in south and Jombang in west.

In addition to Trowulan site, Mojokerto is mosly visited by those who love adrenaline rush in case of nature challenge, because there is Welirang peak and Anjasmoro Mountain that ready to be conquered. Here are the destinations that will show the a piece of ancient era, while you visiting Mojokerto:

Bajang Ratu Temple

Bajang Ratu temple is located in Kraton Village, near to Tikus temple. Bajang Ratu is a gate made of red brick which is estimated build around 14th century. The shape of the building is tall and slender, rising to a height of just over 16 meters. The restoration was completed in 1991. The gateway was originally connected to a brick wall, running off to the left and right, by way of a form resembling wings. This ornamental device is known as paduraksa, it can be seen on other ancient Javanese gateways, in Plumbangan, near Wlingi, Jedong Sub-district, on the slope of Mount Penanggungan.


Jolotundo is like a swimming pool area that located near to Seloliman village, Trawas district, at the east slope of Mount Penanggungan. This site is believed has relation with King Airlangga. This temple was prepared for Udayana King from Bali who embraced Gunapriyadharmapatni prince, from their marriage, it was born Airlangga. This pool was built in 997M. According to the story, the water in this temple is the clearest water in the world. Its location is easy to be reached by car or motorcycle. Not only Hindus and Buddhist, the other community are also come here to take a bath and have meditation.

Brahu Temple

Brahu temple is the biggest temple in Trowulan, Mojokerto Regency. Brahu is supposed come from “Wanaru” or “Warahu”, which is name of holly building that mentioned in a cooper inscription “Alasanta” that found in west side of this temple. Brahu temple is made of red bricks and plain without decoration. It is located in Jambu Menta sub-village, Bejijong village, Trowulan district, Mojokerto regency.

Dlundung Waterfall

Dlundung waterfall is located at Kemloko village, Trawas district, Mojokerto regency and it is easy to be reached by car or motorcycle. The sound of the splashing waterfall, the trees whisper, cool and fresh air is the thing that you will find during your visit in Dlungdung waterfall. Here is the comfortable place to refresh mind during your spending time with family. Many visitors visited this waterfall, especially in school holiday. The visitors can also have camping time around the waterfall.

Jedong Temple

Jedong Temple site is in Wotanmas Jedong village, Ngoro district, Mojokerto regency, in the north of mount Penanggungan slope. The shaped of Jedong temple is gates and has shape of Paduraksa, made from andesite stone and brick. According to the report in 1907 that there were three gates in Jedong village, but right there are 2 remain. Both gates surrounded by expensed wall, which placed in west side of terrace.

Tikus Temple

Tikus temple or ‘Rat temple’, is located about 500 meters in south east of Bajang Ratu temple. Before having its today’s condition, this temple had some restoration during 1985 to 1989. In this site, there is Petirtaan site, which is a bathing ritual place in Majapahit period.

Kedaton Temple

Kedaton temple can be found in the village of Sentonorejo, Trowulan, Mojokerto Regency. The site displays the extensive brick foundations, which estimated as a palace in Majapahit era. A legend connects the poison well / Sumur Upas, which lies within the Kedaton complex, with the Majapahit royal family. According to the story, Brawijaya V, who was the last King of Majapahit had his face invisible during in Sumur Upas. Other belief also said that Brawijaya retired to a supernatural Kingdom which situates at the peak of Mount Lawu.

Trowulan Museum

Trowulan is surrounded by some archaeological sites that covering around 100 square Kilometers. There were so many researchers conducted regarding Trowulan’s ancient heritages which all concentrated on monumental remains like, temples, tombs, and bathing places. Fortunately, those researches are widely spread about remain industrial, commercial and religious activity, habitation areas and water supply systems. All of which were the evidences of dense population during the 14th to 15th centuries.

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