Lamongan is one of regencies in East Java that famous by its traditional snack, Wingko. This regency has direct border with Java Ocean in north, Gresik in east, Mojokerto and Jombang in south and Bojonegoro and Tuban in west. Geographically, this regency located in East Java north shore with part of the seashore area is in the form of hill and the continuity of north limestone.

Looking at the geographic, Lamongan has potential area that suitable for tourism sites. Moreover, there are numbers of pilgrimage sites in Lamongan that mostly visited during Ramadhan.

Maharani Cave

Gua Maharani is one of popular destinations in Lamongan that precisely located in Paciran sub-district. Maharani Cave is located in a depth of 25meter above sea level and it has cavity for about 2500m2 wide. This cave has beautiful stalagtite and stalagmite and it deserve to be compared with Altamira cave in Spain or Carlsbad in France.

Wisata Bahari Lamongan

Wisata Bahari Lamongan or better known as WBL is kind of amusement park that reside in Paciran, Lamongan, precisely in the route of Surabaya - Tuban. This park was opened since 2004 as a development tourism site from Tanjung Kodok. WBL is a tourism object that combining marine park and recreational park that suitable visited by groups of family.

Van Der Wijck Monument

Van Der Wijck is a monument that was built during Dutch colonialization and it located in Brondong port, Lamongan. This monument was built to commemorate the sink of Van Der Wijck ship that belongs to Koninklijke Paketvaart Maatschappij (KPM) that was also the forerunner of the Indonesia National Sailing (Pelni) today.

Sunan Drajat Grave Yard

Sunan Drajat was one of the Islamic saints in Wali Songo with the name of Raden Qasim, that was predicted born in 1470 and the son of Sunan Ampel, a brother of Sunan Bonang. After he studied about Islam, he spread it in Drajat village, that made him popular as Sunan Drajat. The grave yard can be reach from Surabaya or Tuban via Daendels route (Anyer - Panarukan), and it takes 30 minutes from Lamongan.

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