Bangkalan is one of regencies in East Java province that precisely located in Madura Island. Together with other three regencies in Madura, which Sumenep, Pamekasan and Sampang, Bangkalan nowadays becomes much more visited by tourists since the existence of Suramadu Bridge that connected Surabaya to Madura.

After the Suramadu Bridge was completed, that being the first toll bridge ever to connect Java and Madura islands and becomes the longest bridge in Indonesia. Previously, Kamal port is the main gateway between Madura island and Java, where ferries serve the port with the Ujung port nearby Surabaya, but today people use more toll bridge than ferries, and it enables people to explore Madura, especially Bangkalan.

As settled in coastal area, Bangkalan like any other area in Madura has very bright sunlight and hot temperature. The culture around the area is also similar to other three main regencies, like Karapan Sapi or bull race, the bright and colorful Batik signature and spicy culinary.

Bangkalan is small regency but it also has number of destinations that worth visited, either tourism site or tourism events.

Karapan Sapi

Karapan Sapi or bull race, is the most popular Madura’s annual traditional event, and becomes national racing tournament. It is usually being held at weekend, during August to September. Ideally, Karapan Sapi is held before or after the fasting month of Ramadhan. Karapan Sapi is a prestigious event for Madurese people, for the bull's owner will feel uplifted the social status if their bull can be a champion. At this tournament, each regency will hold the championship and the winner will be competing to win the presidential trophy.

Geger Hill

Geger Hill. Geger hill is located approximately 30 km southeast of the City Bangkalan, precisely in the village of Geger, District Geger. This hill is located at an altitude of about 150-200 meters above sea level. Madurese believe that Geger hill was the first place that had been visited by the first civilian who came in Madura. On 7-8 Century, it was Patih Pranggulan from Mendangkawulan kingdom in the the foothill of Semeru became the first man who landed in Planggirân ( a set of rocks) in Geger hill. At that time he came together with Princess Dewi Ratna Roroagung, the daughter of Mendangkawulan king, and she was pregnant.

Sembilangan Lighthouse

Mercusuar Bangkalan or Bangkalan Lighthouse is located in District Socah, 6 km from the center of Bangkalan capital. This tower has 78 meters high and was built by the Dutch and it inaugurated by Z.W. Williem III in 1879. At that time, this tower was use to guide the ships that went to Tanjung Perak harbor.

Air Mata Ibu Cemetry

Air Mata Ibu is a cemetery that located in Buduran village, District Arosbaya, Bangkalan. It located just 11 km from the city of Bangkalan, which become the gateway of Madura Island. You have to take dozens of stairs to get to this tomb. It because of the tomb complex is located at the top a small hill at an altitude of 30 meters above sea level. Ratu Ibu, the one who has the tomb, was a woman named Syarifah Ambami. She was aomen descendants of Sunan Giri, a humble wife who is very obedient, submissive and loves her husband so much, King Cakraningrat. King Cakraningrat was a king who was highly respected and honored by the people of Madura at that time. King Cakraningrat lead Madura in 1624 on the orders of Sultan Agung of Mataram.

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