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Plaosan temple is about one kilometer east of semu temple.This Buddhist temple consist of two main temples standing side by side, each having terraced bases. The relief carved on the southern main temple depict a man and the other temple a woman. Another peculiarity of this temple is its perwara temple, which takes the shape of a slender stupa. more


Sewu temple is located just several hundret meters north east of Prambanan temple. It is a large and vast Buddhist temple including several other small temples like Lumbung, Asu, Bubrah and Lor Kulon temple.
Sewu Temple complex located in the area of Prambanan Temple Park, about 800 meters to the north of Rara Jongrang Temples. Sewu Temple is the second largest Buddhist temple in central Java after Borobudur. The fact that this temple was built near Prambanan Temple, which is a Hindu temple, indicated that the Hindus and Buddhists lived in harmony. more


Prambanan temple is located some 17 kilometers from Yogyakarta. One can not miss the temple because it is only 100 meters off the main road. This 47 meters high Hindu temple was built by Sanjaya Dynasty in the 9 th century. It consists of three courtyard.
The main temple is located in the inner courtyard and surrounded by several small temples called "Perwara" temples. Some of these were contributed by local chieftains as a token of their acquiescence to the king.
As Hindu temple, the main temple has three shrines, dedicated to the Hindu Trinity; Siva, Whisnu, and Brahma. Each of this shrines facing to a smaller shrines for their vehicles. more