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Prambanan temple

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::: Welcome Visitors to Prambanan Central Java The World Heritage Tourism

Reputated as the biggest and most beautiful Hindhus Temple in Indonesia, and locally known as Roro Jonggrang. Excursion to Prambanan temple complex-the most beautiful Hindu temple then proceed to Solo visit to the Mangkunegaran's Palace, Triwindhu flea-market. Continued drive on to Sukuh temple located on slope of Mount Lawu and surrounded by beautiful sceneries. Also visit to Cetoh temple.

Yogyakarta is the most popular tourist destination on Java. Famous for its rich heritage, cultural performances such as gamelan music, classical dance, shadow puppet shows, can be enjoyed daily.
It is also a good base for day trips to 2 of the world's most impressive archeological sites - Borobudur & Prambanan Temple complexes. Yogyakarta also has excellent budget food & accommodation options and has been a travelers favorite for many years.



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